Save The World, Drink More Beer Pitch Wins Outdoor Grand Prix

ColensoBBDO won the Outdoor Grand Prix at Cannes Tuesday for a campaign for beer marketer DB Export. It pitched saving the world by drinking more beer. 

They were serious.

DB, the New Zealand beer-marketing subsidiary of Heineken, discovered a way to make a biofuel from the byproduct of the beer-making process. The fuel is sold at gas stations throughout New Zealand. 

Outdoor president Ricardo John, Chief Creative Officer, JWT Brasil, said the “Brewtroleum” campaign “takes outdoor to an unbelievable place, and it did that by solving a real business problem….to drive sales.” 

The campaign, John added, “gave us a reason to do something that everybody likes to do a lot, or at least I like to do a lot.”

Drink beer, that is.



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