Study Finds Early Morning Best Spot For Video Advertising

Video adtech company YuMe, has released its Publisher’s Guide which highlights survey results which aimed to understand the relationship between video viewing habits and ad receptivity.

Key findings of the study include:

Consumers are most receptive to ads in the early morning. The study, which surveyed 10,000 respondents on video consumption habits and ad effectiveness, acknowledges that while evenings are traditionally viewed as optimal due to the volume of video viewership, early morning was found to deliver higher levels of receptivity to advertising with a level of 59 in the morning versus 45 in the evening (on a scale of 1-100).

Morning and night deliver highest purchase intent metrics. In the morning (3:00 AM-11:59 AM), purchase intent is highest at +11%, followed by the night (9:00 PM-2:59 AM) at +5%. That's trailed by the afternoon (12:00 PM-4:59 PM) and evening (5:00 PM-8:59 PM) at +4% each. Overall favorability scores were also higher for the morning and night at +17% and +8% respectively, compared to +3% in the afternoon and +4% in the evening.

Consumers prefer a single long ad vs. multiple short ads. When presented with choices for 30 seconds of ad time, the study found consumers showed a preference for one 30-second ad over a series of shorter ads totaling the same length. The primary reason given was a desire to minimize interruption of content.

One-size-fits-all mobile strategy doesn’t work across devices. Ad receptivity on tablets is higher than on smartphones in the morning, though ad receptivity is higher on smartphones in the evening.

Better content equals better brand metrics. Respondents that rated content as enjoyable also responded with higher levels of favorability. Overall favorability ratings came in at 60% if consumers enjoyed the content, as compared to 15% if they did not enjoy the content.

The full study is available here



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