Executives Turn To Email For News

Executives are twice as likely to get their news from email versus video, according to a newly released study by Quartz, an online technology and business publication under the Atlantic Media umbrella.

The publisher surveyed 1,357 global executives about how they read news and share content, discovering that the vast majority of business executives receive their news from email newsletters.

Email newsletters were the most popular news channel for executives, with 94% of respondents saying they get their daily news from within their inbox. Email outranked news Web sites as the most popular form of news content, with 89% of respondents turning to a Web site for their news and 80% of respondents checking in on the media brand itself.

Seventy-four percent of global executives check the news on a mobile application, while podcasts and news aggregators hovered above the 50% mark.

Email was more than twice as popular as video for news, with only 46% of respondents selecting video as their source for keeping up to date on local and world events. 



Executives are also more likely to read the news in the morning as opposed to midday or nighttime, suggesting that daily news round-up emails would be most suitable for early-morning delivery. Almost three-quarters of executives read the news in the morning, while 20% check the news throughout the day and 6% check news in the middle or end of day. 

Email is increasingly becoming a way for publishers to communicate and monetize readers amidst a surge of viewers using AdBlock and other like-minded technologies that limit banned ads. 

Quartz has a selection of email newsletters for readers to subscribe to, including a Daily Brief newsletter and a lifestyle newsletter dubbed Quartzy. Quartz’s Daily Brief is also translated into a Spanish newsletter, La Agenda. 

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