Kinetic WW, Horizon Open Doors To Kids

Although agencies don't seem to celebrate Take Your Child to Work Day as massively as many did just a few years ago, both Horizon Media and Kinetic Worldwide are opening their doors on April 27 to provide a glimpse of their organizations.

Horizon Media's agenda includes a discussion outlining dream jobs and what children need to accomplish in order to get there. In addition to pizza, Horizon has invited a magician and tattoo artist to provide entertainment and fun before the children are picked at "The Dunes," the company's town hall community room.

Kinetic Worldwide is treating children ages 5-11 to a day-long experience that also combines work with fun. This is the third year the WPP-owned agency has participated in this workday experience, hosting 21 children ages 5-11, up from 16 kids from last year.

The event kicks off with an introduction to Kinetic – and what their parents do for a living – via an in-office virtual scavenger hunt using Kinetic’s product Capture, powered by Endeavour. After a pizza lunch, Kinetic employees and their children will be taking a double decker bus downtown to the Westfield World Trade Center, where they’ll enjoy the view and, after visiting Oculus, witness one of the largest digital screens in the world.



Last year, Kinetic took the kids on a similar experience with a double decker bus tour on the Northern bus tour loop, up to Columbus Circle and down through Times Square where they had their picture on a digital billboard.

Additionally, Kinetic will be using its resources as part of a discussion session talking about career ambitions and promoting gender equality.

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