NEW! Hint Books: For Adults Living At Home Who Need To Move Out

I've never heard of The Kangaroo Generation, adults from 25 to 34 who still live with Mom and Dad. These "kids" don't leave the pouch, or home, until 100% confident in themselves.

In Brazil, more kangaroos are staying at home, making for restless parents and a stagnant real estate market. ZAP, a real estate portal in Brazil, along with FCB Brasil, crafted the "Hint Books," a set of books for adult children that subtly drop hints to look for their own apartment.

Books target three types of kangaroo adults: the ones who are waiting until they get married, the perpetual college student, and those who don't move out because they have no idea how to take care of themselves.

The book titles are a riot. There's "Nobody Moved My Cheese – The advantages of living alone in a few steps: to the outside of your parents' house," "The Fault in our Studies – Books are doors to knowledge. And to the outside of your parents' house," and "The Secret of the Fitted Sheets – Why does the bed make up by itself? Why do the dishes disappear? Why do you still live with your parents? Solve those and other mysteries."



The books offer advice about housekeeping, cooking and how to pay bills. Seriously. It's come to this? No idea how to pay bills and balance a budget? Visitors to can select one of the books for free by mail or e-book version.

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