Arnold Gave A Cluck, And Won The Boston Brandathon

Havas Group agency Arnold won this year’s Boston Brandathon, a 72-hour branding competition organized by the Ad Club of Boston that pairs startups with creative agencies in the Boston area. 

And my friends, they won it by giving a cluck about sustainable alternatives to conventional chicken feed. 

The startup Arnold worked to rebrand was Kulisha, a provider of alternative animal feeds. The agency showcased how the company is using whole fried black soldier fly larvae — you read that right — to make chicken feed that is healthier for the little cluckers than conventional grain feed. 

The shop’s team came up with the “Give A Cluck” catchphrase to punctuate the message — particularly to Millennials and foodies — that people should care about the feed their protein sources consume and how it can affect diets and health on a national or even a global level. 

Earlier this month, agencies were matched with startups that submitted a short application explaining what they do and why they needed help positioning their brands. The shops had just three days to create a bespoke rebranding campaign. Agencies pitched their ideas to a panel of judges comprised of marketers, tech innovators and venture capitalists on August 17. 



In addition to the Give A Cluck tagline, Arnold devised packaging for the larvae-based product that reads: “Kalisha Edibugs. Damn Fine Feed.” Merchandise was also created, such as T-shirts with the words “Chicken Magnet” to suggest how chickens are drawn to people who feed and care for them properly. 

Signage with tips on building chicken coops portrayed chickens posing attention-grabbing questions, like: “Does this thing have exposed brick?” The campaign also included “testimonials” from the larvae-eating birds. One reads: “Not usually one to go for label brands but this one had me buggin’ out.” 

And what rebranding campaign is complete without some inside jokes? Why did the chicken cross the road? “Better Lighting for an optimal #Foodstagram.” Ha! 

Congrats to the Arnold Team of Chelsea St. Clair and Kaitlin DeMayo who led the winning rebranding effort. And congrats also to the second- and third-place finishers (in order): 36Creative (for Oat Shop) and Genuine (for Common Wealth Kitchen).



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