Media, Entertainment Challenged Finding AI Talent

In one form or another, artificial intelligence is popping up in many areas and aspects of business these days.

With all this AI, some industries are challenged in finding qualified staff to lead their AI efforts.

The most challenged industry is media and entertainment, based on a new study.

The study comprised a global survey of 1,100 primary decision makers or influencer of AI technology purchases within their organization conducted by Branded Research for Infosys.

Of all the industries where organization are having a tough time finding AI talent, media and entertainment is number one and the public sector is dead last. Here are the industries having a difficult time finding qualified staff to lead AI initiatives:

  • 68% -- Media and entertainment
  • 67% -- Telecom, communication service providers
  • 66% -- Banking and insurance
  • 62% -- Retail and consumer product goods
  • 61% -- Healthcare
  • 60% -- Travel, hospitality and transportation
  • 56% -- Manufacturing and high tech
  • 41% -- Public sector

Numerous industries are being impacted by artificial intelligence, according to the study. For example, the majority (54%) of retailers are experiencing disruption due to AI technologies, along with 53% of media and entertainment companies and 48% of those in travel, hospitality and transportation.

In terms of using AI to automate business processes, 85% of retail and consumer product goods companies take the top spot above all other industries.

Artificial intelligence will find its way into all industries. Now if those industries can just find the people to help lead it along.

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