Clinch Launches Solution To Create Personalized Ads For Instagram Stories

Ad-tech firm Clinch is launching a solution letting marketers create dynamic personalized advertisements on Instagram Stories, where users can post multipart videos to tell a larger narrative.

Clinch’s tool allows the videos to be personalized (for example, featuring different content or text based on location or demographics) as well as dynamic, allowing for rapid A/B testing.

The system uses artificial intelligence to assist in creating thousands of variants of videos, allowing for more personalized delivery of the ads. It also incorporates analytics to let marketers see which variants were most effective.

Clinch also released a case study on Monday featuring a beta tester of the new solution for the Latin American online travel company Despegar. Despegar says that it saw a 28X increase in return on ad spend during the test compared to its previous solution.

The launch of Clinch’s Instagram Stories solution follows the launch of a similar product for videos on Instagram parent company Facebook earlier this year.

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