Microsoft Runs Beta For Enhanced Outlook Services For Brands

Microsoft is inviting brands to join a beta test of a service that it says will allow them to manage their profiles in Outlook and other Microsoft products. 

As part of the project, emails in Outlook "will display with a verified Microsoft icon," the firm says in a message on its web site.

Companies can also manage their profiles in Outlook and other services and add photos and contact information, among other things, Microsoft says. 

Microsoft adds that next year it will enable firms to "get more prominent placement for your email coupons and promotions before customers even open your email."

The move apparently is part of a trend to drive greater branding in emails.

The beta is available to any consumer-facing business, the company says, adding: “This beta is a test period, during which you will be able to claim and verify ownership of your business profile.” 

It continues: “Once verified, you will be able to customize and manage the content that appears in your profile such as your customer service phone number, email address, logo, photos, and more. Your business profile will appear in when customers see your emails."

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