Pebbles Campaign: 23 Influencers + 30 Videos = 6,900 Clicks

Because expecting kids to interact with the back of a cereal box while eating breakfast is rather Stone Age, Pebbles cereal decided to engage with kids via instructional videos on social media.

Post Consumer Holdings’ “Daily Yabba Dabba Doo” campaign used 23 parenting influencers to promote 30 videos featuring activities that could be done with minimal adult supervision.

The video tutorials range from actress Porcha Lipsey demonstrating how to do Michael Jackson’s “moonwalk” to jazz musician Mara Syman creating homemade music with household items.

One of the main goals of the campaign—whose primary platform was Instagram—was  to generate clicks to the dedicated website page where the videos reside, according to Danielle Wiley, founder and CEO of influencer marketing agency Sway Group.



“What was crazy about it was, we ended up with one week between the contract signing and our content going live,” Wiley tells Marketing Daily. “What they needed to do really, really quickly was showing kids doing these activities.”

Sway reached out to its network of 30,000 influencers and judged the results in part based on previous campaigns.

“We tracked this against benchmarks from other parenting campaigns with kids in the same age range and with the same goal of generating clicks.”

Over the course of one month—with a new video being posted each day—the campaign generated approximately 6,900 clicks to the Pebbles website. That was 48% higher than Sway’s benchmark.

Moreover, Pebbles’ Instagram posts were saved 2,400 times, nearly three times higher than the benchmark.

“For us, that’s an amazing metric to have because it shows that the content resonated enough with someone that they want to save it and look at it later and reference it again,” Wiley says of the Instagram saves.

"We're happy with the results from the influencer network and especially proud of the amount of kids we reached and artists we helped support during this unprecedented time," says Pebbles brand manager Amy Brothers.

Pebbles’ creative agency of record. Public Works, helped curate the video submissions generated by the content creators. 

Introduced by Post Foods in 1971, Pebbles packaging and advertising are based on characters from the animated television series “The Flintstones.”

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