Penske Plans To Merge Business Functions Of Music Titles, Names New Hires

Penske Media Corp. plans to combine the back-end businesses of Rolling Stone, Billboard and Vibe.

This would bring together the business functions — such as ad sales, marketing and brand partnerships — of the top music news publishers in the U.S, according to Axios.

In September, PMC and MRC announced a joint venture that would house their music and entertainment brands. PMC owns Rolling Stone, Variety and Deadline, while MRC owns The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard and Vibe.

The day-to-day operations of the joint venture, called PMRC, will be led by PMC. Penske reportedly paid $225 million to control 80% of PMRC.



A joint data business was announced in October. It will combine MRC Data (formerly Nielsen Music), Alpha Data and Variety Business Intelligence. 

Today, PMC also appointed Marissa O'Hare as vice president of business development.

She leads business development and audience growth initiatives for PMC's digital brands, reporting to Craig Perreault, Chief Digital Officer.

O’Hare was most recently general manager for Entertainment Weekly at Meredith Corp. She also worked at the New York Post, Wenner Media, Popsugar, NASDAQ, Forbes and CNET.

On Monday, PMC named Rachel Terrace senior vice president of licensing and brand development. Previously, she was Chief Marketing Officer at Time’s Up, the nonprofit organization advocating for gender equity at work.

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