Busy Ryan Reynolds Inks Deal With Branson's Virgin Voyages

Ryan Reynolds is everywhere this holiday season. Fresh off his quick-response ad for a character’s death on the "Sex and the City" reboot on HBO Max, Reynolds has inked a deal with Virgin Voyages. 

Reynolds’ Aviation American Gin will be served on Richard Branson’s cruise line as part of the deal.  

In this video, Reynolds and Branson announce the deal and perform a bit of schtick. Branson starts off by goading Reynolds a bit. “Ryan, the last time we were together, I recall giving you advice on just being yourself,” Branson says. “How’s that going?” 



“Not well, Sir Richard,” Reynolds replies. “You seem a little stressed,” Branson continues. Reynolds then describes how he’s a business owner and father of two girls. “Three girls,” Branson interrupts. “Holy (bleep), is that who that is?” Reynolds asks.  

Then Branson suggests that Reynolds should try a Virgin Voyage, and Branson talks up the Michelin-starred chefs, the entertainment and the exclusive beach club. “And no kids allowed,” Branson says. 

“Right,” says Reynolds. “Could you imagine?” 

Reynolds then seems to get lost in his own imaginings, and Branson walks off.  

Reynolds sold Aviation Gin to Diageo in 2020 for a deal valued at up to $610 million.

The actor also became the owner of Mint Mobile in 2019. 


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