Poise Addresses Women's Health Concern

Bladder control may be a sensitive subject, but according to Poise research, one in two women over 20 experience bladder leaks.

The problem is many are using the wrong product to address the situation.
Poise's new national ad campaign explains period pads aren't appropriate for managing bladder concerns.
The two spots —Partyand Market— created in partnership with FCB Chicago, underscore that leaks are annoying, always inconvenient and wet — like a mermaid out of water.



The Poise pads, which claim to be two-times more absorbent, help women feel clean and dry.

The new ads run on national TV, online video, OLA, social media and print.

Paige Chapman, senior brand manager for Poise, said: “The new campaign recognizes the struggles women face while experiencing bladder leaks in a memorable yet relatable way. We want to educate women that there is a better solution, Poise, and help them be more comfortable and confident.” 

FCB's client work includes AB InBev and Walmart.

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