MangoRX Offers ED Pills To Losing Super Bowl Team



In a rare Super Bowl-related marketing stunt involving the Big Game’s losing team, MangoRx will offer players and coaches of either the Chiefs or 49ers a year’s supply of its Mango-branded pills for erectile disfunction.

Bad performance on the field, you see, can lead to bad performance in the bedroom, MangoRX said, citing studies linking ED to stress and depression.

The telemedicine company has also provided lots of puns for the occasion, via press materials touting such examples as the Mango pills helping team members “tackle hard issues,” getting the “opportunity to score,” keeping “fumbles on the field, not in the bedroom,” and ensuring they “still get sacked after the game.”

Those press materials are particularly important since a PR campaign, from Lucky Break in Los Angeles, is functioning as the only way the losing team’s players and coaches will know about the MangoRX offer --- and how to get their freebies. (Answer: they need to DM MangoRx for a special code that will provide their reward, “pending approval for the prescription.”)



MangoRX isn’t forgetting fans either. Once the game ends, anyone can visit the brand’s website to get a code good for a free number of pills equal to the game’s point difference (again, pending prescription, of course). The offer can be redeemed through the end of February.

In a statement, the company’s co-founder and CEO Jacob Cohen brandished his own pun-filled quote: “Our job is to help the fans avoid any false starts, and make sure you get it through the uprights every time.”

Besides the two freebie offers, MangoRX has also signed on a sponsor of Barstool Sports podcasts and radio shows for the week surrounding the Super Bowl, including a day-of-game livestream. The company will also sponsor podcasts through March 15,, which it said will garner an estimated 7 million-plus views and impressions

The Mango brand won’t be the featured product, however, with MangoRX using the Barstool sponsorship to promote “Prime,” its branded name for Marius Pharmaceutical’s low-testosterone treatment Kyzatrex.

Mango, which last year launched an ad campaign featuring phallic symbols gone limp, is a flavored quick-dissolving pill that contains the same active ingredient as either Eli Lilly’s Cialis (Tadalafil) or Pfizer’s Viagra (Sildenafil), along with Oxytocin (the “cuddle hormone”) and L-Arginine (also present in Joymode’s all-natural Sexual Performance Booster.)

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