T-Mobile's SFW 'Secret Baseball Button' Ties In With Free MLB.TV


Major League Baseball has a full slate of games scheduled for opening day March 28, most of them in the afternoon.

If you want to watch in your office, wouldn’t it be great to be able to disguise that fact when the boss comes around?

Perhaps with a “Secret Baseball Button,” which, when pushed, switches from MLB.TV to a screen that looks like you’re actually working.

Well, T-Mobile has come up with such a device, although you can’t get one in time for opening day.

The mobile carrier is, instead, giving away 1,200 Secret Baseball Buttons -- to both customers and non-customers-- via a sweepstakes underway through March 31 at



When pushed, the Bluetooth-connected device, from smart controller brand Flic, allows users to toggle between the baseball streamer and a “work” app. The latter opens a browser tab that gives the appearance a video call is underway.

The Secret Baseball Button is a tie-in with T-Mobile’s ninth annual offer of a free year of MLB.TV for its customers -- whether they use T-Mobile itself, Metro by T-Mobile, home internet or small business customers.

Customers can sign up for the perk by April 2 via the carrier’s T Life app.

The Secret Baseball Button is valued at $30, and a year of MLB.TV at $149.99.

T-Mobile is promoting the Secret Baseball Button via a one-minute video  that’s been posted on Instagram by both T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert and president of marketing Mike Katz.

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