Manhattan Mini-Sets Promote Storage Company, Comics

What do storage units offer comedians? A place to perform.

It may be unorthodox, but Manhattan Mini Storage, with 20 locations citywide, announced the launch of Manhattan Mini-Sets, a new comedy video series that promotes the company and stand-up comedy. 

Manhattan Mini Storage transformed its 5x5 units into unconventional comedy club-style spaces that accommodate up to 15 people. The six initial New York City comedians are Christiana Jackson, Chase DuRousseau, Gastor Almonte, Lizzy Cassidy, Maggie Lalley and Tim McLaughlin.

The agency behind the creative push, Brand Up Comedy, was formed in November 2023, as the marketing arm of Stand Up NY, where Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and John Oliver have performed. Brand Up Comedy's goal is to connect comedians with brands to create both comedy content and ad campaigns.



Sarah Little, senior vice president of marketing at Manhattan Mini Storage, called the collaboration “a real New York moment.”

Manhattan Mini-Sets stream on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Brand Up produced 36 videos that will run throughout the year, housed on a microsite

David Rosenberg, co-founder of Brand Up Comedy, told Agency Daily: “Too often, brands miss the mark regarding humor — it can come off as forced or inauthentic. The real magic happens when brands are part of the punchline, not just the setup. We believe there's nothing more authentic than being in on the joke.

“With a collective of hundreds of comedians, we see brands as a unifying force, capable of reflecting our culture, shared humanity, and sense of humor. Comedy cuts through algorithms and resonates with consumers of all ages. It unites us, makes us laugh, and most importantly, makes us remember.”

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