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  • Who Wants To Watch A Documentary? in Television News Daily on 05/15/2018

    When I was growing up, the idea of voluntarily watching a documentary -- the TV equivalent of eating your vegetables -- was laughable, about as probable as me doing extra homework. And yet here we are in 2018, and I find myself distracted from scripted television because I'm drawn instead to such TV documentaries as "Andre the Giant" on HBO and Netflix's "Wild Wild Country" about the 1980s Bhagwan Rajneesh cult.

  • Addicted To Trump in Television News Daily on 05/02/2018

    All those who live in nonstop outrage, either pro- or anti-Trump, claim they're fighting for the good of the country - but they seem addicted to the same adrenaline rush that afflicts gamblers and bungee jumpers. Can we make it stop?

  • 'Roseanne' In Trumpland in Television News Daily on 04/17/2018

    Now that we are almost halfway through the new nine-episode season of "Roseanne," can we do a quick check-in to see if it's living up to its early promise as a reflection of white working-class America in the age of Trump?

  • Play Ball: It's Over-The-Top Season in Television News Daily on 04/04/2018

    Last week was the beginning of the baseball season, but in our house it's really the beginning of the over-the-top (OTT) season.

  • Donald Glover's 'Atlanta' in Television News Daily on 03/19/2018

    The transformation of television into a fractured platform with hundreds of shows seeking loyal niche audiences means we no longer have a common TV culture, but it does give us a chance to learn about populations we may not know much about.

  • Netflix Turns Up the Heat in Television News Daily on 03/07/2018

    Netflix's recent free agent signing of Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy sure caught the attention of those who buy, make and comment on television content. By spiriting away two of the most prolific TV producers of our time, the streaming service not only secures more content for itself, but also denies its network rivals access to two content factories.

  • 'The Crown' And The Problem Of Historical Narrative in Television News Daily on 02/19/2018

    The issue of whether dramas based on "real events" can begin to depict the "truth" becomes more pressing as the number of historically based series increases. Still, you're asking for trouble when you try to impersonate Queen Elizabeth and O.J. Simpson - or, as in "The Feud," Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, whose faces, voices and mannerisms are already better-known to us than our own family's.

  • 'The Good Place' Is Very Good in Television News Daily on 02/07/2018

    Congratulations to last Thursday's season finale of "The Good Place" for forcing me to do something that I haven't done since "Mad Men" went off the air: sit down and watch a scripted, ad-supported TV show live.

  • Getting The Numbers On Netflix in Television News Daily on 01/23/2018

    Netflix has been a disruptive, revolutionary force in many ways, but what's particularly interested me from a PR perspective is how it's refused to play the old "bragging rights" game. You know how that works: The networks deploy an army of in-house publicists to brag about their ratings, which are dutifully reported in the TV columns the next day.

  • Let's Get CNN Out Of Airports! in Television News Daily on 01/09/2018

    We've just escaped from the peak travel season, when tens of millions of people spent millions of hours waiting in the airport for their flights to depart, and experiencing rising blood pressure because CNN was pouring out of screens all around them. There are two types of people who get aggravated watching CNN at the airport: those whose heads almost explode every time Donald Trump opens his mouth, and the "fake news" crowd who think the media, especially CNN, have a vendetta against the president

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  • The Violent World Of Prestige TV by Gary Holmes (Television News Daily on 07/03/2017)

    Thanks Joe, I can understand occasionally resorting to violence to magnify emotion but when it's done all the time it seems unoriginal.  Unfortunately, as you point out, we become desensitized with exposure to any sensation, including violence, so that just ratchets up the stakes.  And the prestige shows aren't the worst offenders.  Hannibal and American Horror Story are hardly prestige (and are not behind a pay cable wall either).  From my perspective, the real problem with combining violence and prestige TV is that I can't stand to watch it.  I bailed out on Breaking Bad after just a few episodes and never even watched The Sopranos.  

  • A Feminist Icon? To Millions Of Us, She Was Just Our Mary by Adam Buckman (TVBlog on 01/26/2017)

    Completely agree Adam.  It's become exhausting to view every aspect of culture through a political lens.  The show was funny because it was depicted the universal expeirence of a character who happened to be a single woman. For all the talk about Mary as a feminist leader, let's remember than in the mid-70s, Gloria Steinem and others criticized the show because Mary Richards still called her boss "Mr. Grant." 

  • You Watch More Ads Than You Think by Gary Holmes (MediaDailyNews on 12/06/2016)

    To clarify how commercials are measured: the C3 rating is a measure of how much times during each program is spent watching commercials, either live or during playback, at the end of three days after the original broadcast.  All the commercial time for each show, including ads, PSA, promos, etc, are set aside and measured separately.  The ratings are like regular TV ratings.  If you watch ten seconds of commercial time the time period gets credited with ten seconds of commercial viewing.  In the end, all the seconds and minutes of commercial viewing are added up and divided by the number of people in the panel to get a rating. Please note: Commercials are not rated separately. The C3 rating is an aggregate of all the commercial time in a show. This metric was supposed to be the first step to true commercial ratings but the industry seems to have decided this is close enough. In any event, the point is that the ratings show that people watch a ton of commercials.

  • Out-Of-Touch News Media Was Totally Clueless by Adam Buckman (TVBlog on 11/09/2016)

    Great column Adam.  Coiuldn't agree more.

  • How (Not) To Cover A Massacre by Joe Mandese (TV Watch on 06/14/2016)

    Great commentary Joe!

  • Trying To Avoid Commercials by Gary Holmes (MediaDailyNews on 12/07/2015)

    Thanks guys, appreciate the additional insight.  I don't doubt that newspaper inserts serve their purpose; I used to be a coupon clipper myself until I realized it wasn't a very effective use of my time.  My point is that ad avoidance crosses all media and that the anxiety about ad avoidance on TV is largely displaced.  One thing I don't get is the rush to Intrnet adverising.  I can see the benefit of those 15 second ads on YouTube as a way to complement TV ad campaigns, but pop-ups and banner ads seem really dubious.

  • The Letterman/'Saturday Night Live' Axis Of Comedy by Gary Holmes (MediaDailyNews on 06/08/2015)

    I have to stand corrected.  Lorne Michaels did in fact appear on the old Letterman Show on February 14, 1983.  But only after Dr. Ruth Westheimer!  Thanks to @JaredTaco for finding that.  

  • Spoil-Sport by Gary Holmes (TV Board on 02/19/2013)

    Jonathan, I was chagrined by the grammatical goof, especially since in my personal life I'd been complaining about the common mistakes of others. It's good to be taken down a peg. Also, I wish I had mentioned the issue of East vs. West Coast. With the rise of DVR, blogging and tweeting we all live under the challenges that West Coast viewers have long put up with.

  • How Modern Is Modern Family? by Gary Holmes (TV Board on 11/27/2012)

    Chad, thanks for reminding me about CA. My cousin was married there when it was legal and I forgot about Prop 8. Duh.

  • Crude Humor Is Everywhere, Even In The Season's Best New Comedies by Ed Martin (TV Board on 11/04/2011)

    Ed, I could not agree more

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