Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for October 2022
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Oct. 27, 2022
So Let Me School Elon Musk On The Flip Side Of Relevancy - It's Called Differentiation
In Letter To Advertisers, Musk Vows Twitter Won't Be A 'Hellscape' Or 'Spam'
Ipsos: Polls Will Be More Accurate In The Midterms, Give GOP A 3-Point Advantage
Anti-Semitism In The News As HBO Doc Remembers Synagogue Massacre
Did Adidas Cut Ties With Ye Fast Enough?
Conservative Web Sites Lost Traffic In September: Report
Americans: Ad Industry Should Be Held Liable For Greenwashing, Obstructing Climate Action
Americans Say Ad Biz Has A Decarbonization Role To Play, Mixed On What It Should Be
Florida 'Censorship' Law Unconstitutional, Tech Groups Tell SCOTUS
Appeals Court Rules: Epoch Times Co-Founder Dana Cheng Was Not Defamed By Maine Article
Marketing Politics Weekly - Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2022
The New Half Life Of Brand Response Time
Adidas (Finally) Cuts Ties With Kanye West/Ye
Using Horror-Movie Images To Stop Abortion Bans
Google Email Spam Filters Focus Of Latest RNC Lawsuit
Gmail Chokehold: GOP Charges That Its Emails Are Trapped In Spam Filters
Oral Arguments Scheduled For NC Criminal Libel Law Challenge
Unfiltered Social Media Content Wreaks Havoc On Media Planning For News-Oriented Brands
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Oct. 21, 2022
How The Ad Industry Can Fix Greenwashing, Overnight
Experts Explain How Pervasive Greenwashing Has Become - Why It's Advertising's Next Big Liability
GroupM: Consumers Don't Trust Brand Statements On Roe v Wade Reversal
Are GOP PACs Overpaying For TV Political Ad Time Causing Inflation?
Palin Appeal Against 'NYT' Unlikely To Lead To Sullivan Decision Overthrow: Report
Kanye West Aka Ye Agrees To Acquire Parler
Reckitt's Fryer To Lead Ad Net Zero's Media-Planning Group
D.C. AG Warns Consumers To Encrypt Abortion Messages
Senator Mike Lee Denies He Has Endorsed Himself For Reelection
New York AG Calls For Curbs On Tech Companies' Legal Protections
Florida Gets Assist From Right-Wingers In Battle Over Online 'Censorship'
41% Of Consumers Have Changed Voting Beliefs After Seeing A Political Ad: Survey
Ad Inflation Rises: Now Projected To Jump 6.2% In North America, 5.2% Worldwide
Don't Cry For Local News: It's Being Restored By Public Media, Study Says
TikTok Sees Rising News Usage Among Young Adults, Cable TV News Still Strong
The IRS Includes NFTs In 2022 Tax Language
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Oct. 14, 2022
The Visible Hand Of The Ad Market
Mediabrands Expands Its Media Responsibility Index
Who Approves This Message? Political Ad Fact-Checking For The Average Voter Isn't Easy
Obama Foundation's 'Get Her There' Focuses On Girls' 'Future Me'
Political Ads Through Programmatic Channels Streamline Approval Process For CTV
Patagonia Action Works: Amplifying Brand Purpose
Senate Urged To Hold Confirmation Vote On Biden's FCC Pick
Survey: 49% Of Registered Voters Don't Have Traditional TV, 80% Stream
Court Bars Texas From Enforcing 'Censorship' Law -- For Now
Meta Urges Judge To Dismiss FTC Suit Over Supernatural Purchase
The News Movement, Social News Product For a Young Audience, Launches In U.S.
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022
Ad Industry To Hold First National Dialogue On Greenwashing, Its Risks And Ways To Avoid It
The Heart Of Darkness, Turns Out It's 6%
Fossil Fuel's Joe Camel Moment
IPG Revises Policy On Energy, Utility Clients
Political Shops Say Shifting Platform Ad Policies Remain Their Top Concern
Supreme Court Rejects MyPillow Guy's Bid To Dismiss Dominion Defamation Suit
Would You Buy A Dildo With The Likeness Of This Man?
Industry Groups Want More Time To Weigh In On 'Commercial Surveillance'
Kathy Najimy Fronts New Work For National Abortion Federation
White House Unveils 'Blueprint' For AI, Urges New Privacy Approach
Deja Vu All Over Again: Musk May Buy Twitter After All
Birdwatch, Twitter's Crowdsourced Fact-Checking Feature, Now Available To All U.S. Users
TikTok Releases Community Guidelines Enforcement Report
Supreme Court To Review Tech Companies' Liability For Terrorist Attacks