MediaDailyNews Editions for February 2024
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024
Ad Price Inflation Continues To Decelerate, TV Remains Deflationary
Addressable TV Consistently Gets 40% Reach: CIMM
Fortnite Expands Beyond Battle Royale With New Lego Games
'Succession' Producer Creates New Power Struggle Story, 'The Regime'
Ozempic, Oprah, And Weight Loss Culture
X Signs Content Deal with The Big 3, Expands 'Video-First' Strategy
Biden Issues Executive Order To Protect Personal Data
Apple Gives Up EV Dream In Favor Of AI
Bunny Hop: The Playboy Club Is Back As A Digital Brand
California Bill Would Force Browser Developers To Offer Opt-Out Tool
Google Must Face Claims It 'Hijacked' Smartphone Data
Bluesky Hires Twitter's Former Trust And Safety Leader Aaron Rodericks
Cord-Cutting, Broadband Weakness Take Root: Are Pay TV Provider Mergers A Thing?
To Stunt Or Not To Stunt - That's Really Not The Question
Paramount Global Revenues Dip 6%, Paramount+ Projected For Profitability In 2025
Nexstar Q4: Core Ad Revenue Sinks 6%, Distribution Revenues Up 14.3%
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2024
EssenceMediacom U.S. Shakeup: Jill Kelly Out, JiYoung Kim In
TAG Broadsides Pirates, Uses Pre-Bid Exclusion Lists
Threads Passes X In Daily Downloads
31 Flavors And Frozen Embryo Ain't One
Kellogg's CEO Pilloried for Pushing 'Cereal for Dinner'
Apple Gives Up EV Dream In Favor Of AI
Is Black Television Out Of Sync With Black America?
OpenAI Blasts Times, Says Newspaper Paid Hacker For 'Anomalous' Results
AI Replaces Keywords, Gives Advertising Insight Into Black Box Data
Ad Council-Led Coalition Unveils $40 Million Gun Violence Prevention Initiative
Chamber Of Commerce Backs Google In Ohio Battle Over Search
Climate Change Messaging: Can It Do Any Good?
Government Aims To Block Kroger-Albertsons Deal
Most TikTok Videos Are Made By Small Share Of Users
Why Google Gave Advertisers Insight To Audit Ads
Kate Hudson Tells Ladies' Room Secrets In Rakuten's Year-Long Campaign
Penn To Investors: Tech Spending Starting To Come Back
SSP PubMatic Posts 14% Revenue Increase In Q4, Stock Soars
Sony Lays Off 900 Employees From PlayStation Division
Substack's 20 Most Profitable Newsletters In Terms Of Paid Subscribers
Daily Family Co-Viewing Steady At 44%, YouTube Is Kids' Top Platform
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2024
2024 Begins On Upward Note, U.S. Ad Market Posts Best January Ever
Threads Adds More X-Like Features While Trying To Set Itself Apart
Supreme Court Tackles Social Media 'Censorship'
How Exploitative is 'Where is Wendy Williams?' Very
Microsoft-Backed Mistral Unveils AI Model That Can 'Reason'
Not-So-Desert Island Is Next Stop For 'Deal Or No Deal'
Instagram Developing A Snapchat-Like Feature Called 'Friend Map'
Mining Value From Seconds-Based TV Measurement
Amazon Loses Round In Battle Over Subscription Renewals
AI Writes GoDaddy Services For Entrepreneurs
Marketers Aim To Boost Spending On Retail Media Off-Site Ads
Stagwell Loses Ground In 2023 But Forecasts Return To Growth in 2024
Sorrell Backer Lord Rothschild Dies At 87
Grievance Nation
Paying 'Double' For TV Content? New Focus For Consumers And Pay TV
Stagwell Adds Survey Product To Its Marketing Cloud Suite
TV Station Ad Revenue Projected To Rise 14% To $25B
MediaDailyNews - Monday, Feb. 26, 2024
CPMs On Cookieless Ad Inventory Rise As Competition Increases
Microsoft Approached Apple With Offer To Sell Bing Search Engine
How To Use Bots And Influence People
Is Rhode Island 'All That'?
Media, Entertainment Advertisers Invested $1B On TikTok In Q4
Forbes' Sandbox Play (No, Not That Sandbox)
'Shogun' Comes On Like A Samurai Warrior
Welcome To The Beginning Of Theocracy
Content Is -- And Always Will Be -- King
The Scourge Of Generative Human Intelligence
Sur La Table Cooks Up AI Merchandising Strategy
Out-Of-Home Ads Score Well For Effectiveness
AI And IP: Copyright Law Prof Talks About Training Models, 'Snoopy Problem'
Meta Expands Instagram Creator Marketplace Access, Tests AI Recommendations
Apple Reportedly Starts To Test GAI Tech Support Tool
Judge Sides Against GameStop, Says Video Games Covered By Privacy Law
Warner Bros. Discovery U.S. Ad Revenues Sink 12% In Q4, Stock Dips
Shark Tank's Cuban Triggered Change In Google's Ad Fraud Policy
Businesses See AI As $1.6 Trillion Productivity Boost
FAST Channels Still Rising, But How Fast? And For What Viewers?
Big TV-NFL Pass Rush: Amazon To Pay $120M For One Playoff Game?
MediaDailyNews - Friday, Feb. 23, 2024
Reddit Goes Public, Projects Boost In Ad Business
Has Google's Gemini Chatbot Just Rewritten History?
Animated Series Examines The Future of Health Care And Hospitals
The Business Of Businessing
'Vice' Staffers Nervous Over Shutdown And Layoff Reports
Sorrell The Younger Creates A Stir In The UK
Huge Adds Achara and Weiss To Its C-Suite
Media M&A Plunges Amid Expensive Borrowing Costs
It's All TV: Stop Silo-ing It By Delivery Method
DoorDash Hit With Privacy Fine In California
Google Upgrades Performance Max With Gemini AI Model
Bluesky Allows All Users To Run Their Own Servers
Cybersecurity Company Fined For Spying On Users, Selling Clickstream Data
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, Feb. 22, 2024
Tech Lab Updates Podcast Ad Measurement, Grapples With File Downloads
Amazon Says No Changes To Ad-Streamer Freevee
Chto yest', to yest'*
Toilets Over Tokyo
Pinterest Launches Its First Streaming Show With Media Company Tastemade
Lady Gaga To Headline Metaverse Music Festival In Fortnite
Golden Age At ABC As 'Golden Bachelor' Spawns 'Golden Bachelorette'
Twitter Staff Defied Musk To Protect Users' Privacy, FTC Says
How Instagram Became LinkedIn For Millennials
Pinterest Campaign Turns Up The 'P' In Performance
StrawberryFrog Launches Transformation Company
Linear TV 'Down,' Streaming 'Flat To Slightly Up': Analyst
Branded YouTube Series Drives Awareness For HIV Prevention
When Did Affiliate Marketing Become Hip?
Are Local Pharmacies The New Doctors Offices?
Snapchat Defeats Sex Abuse Victim's Lawsuit Over Recommendations
Nokia Jumps Into AI Mobile Network Solutions Supported By Nvidia
Mobile Ad Spending Set To Exceed $400B Worldwide
'Gemini' Added To Google Workspace, Focus On Data Privacy
Google Introduces Gemma AI To Run On Laptops
WPP Reports 2023 Growth Of 0.9%, With Similar Growth Expected In 2024
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2024
Total TV Viewing Hits 4-Year High In January
Institute For Ad Ethics Expands Into Greenwashing
Walmart Buys Vizio For $2.3B
Walmart Ad Sales Jump 33% To $3.4B, Consumer Spending Strong
CBS Puts On The Dog For Parton Pooch Pageant
Gen Alpha -- Not
YouTube Revamps Creator Channel Pages For TV App
'Donnie, I Always Knew You'd Blow It'
Relatively New TV Shows: The Good, The Too Bad And The Ugly
Amazon Ads Integration With LiveRamp Moves To Next Security Phase
Apple Makes Annual 'Replay' Music Rundown A Monthly Feature
Audio Attention Data Shows How Humans React In Real-Time
Court Vacates $1 Billion Judgment Against Cox Over Music Downloads
Supreme Court Turns Away Meta In Battle Over Housing Ads
Stagwell Agency Team Launches New Brand Identity
Roku: Streaming Walls Closing In? Find Where Data Partners Party First
FuboTV Sues Disney, Fox, WBD Over New Sports Streamer
Ad Fontes Media Partners With The Trade Desk To Steer Ad Dollars To Valid News Sites
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2024
Black Audiences Want Better Representation
Marketing Orgs More Diverse Than Ever, But What About Their Media Mix?
Why Are These Cable Channels Still Here?
'Never Surrender' -- Aka, The Perfect Trump Shoes
Talk Of Google Lawsuit Around Privacy Sandbox Rumbles Through Industry
Digital Outpaces Field-Force Spending For Drug Marketing
Traditional Search Forecast To Fall 25% By 2026: Gartner
Pop-Tart Inventor Leaves A Legacy
Installs Up 56%, As AI Fuels Mobile Commerce Shopping Apps
Google Top Search Results Might Be Wrong
Cannes Lions: Putting "Sustainability-First" Principles To Work In Media & Creatively
Google Missed Opportunity To Solve Cookieless Advertising: Execs
EU Launches Investigation Of TikTok Under Digital Services Act
Comcast, Paramount Global In Talks Over U.S. Streamer Operations Deal: Report
MediaDailyNews - Monday, Feb. 19, 2024
Theatergoers Get Together And Feel Alright: 'One Love' Tops $51M Holiday Weekend
OpenAI's Sora: The ChatGPT Of Generative Video
AI-Driven Affiliate Marketing And Ads? Brands Leap Into A New Era
Edward Jones Asks 'What Does It Mean To Be Rich'?
Apple Brings Epic Games Store, Fortnite Back To iOS Devices In EU
It Happened That Night
Bonin Bough's New Mission Is Deeper Than Media
Stagwell Eyes International Expansion In 2024
Record Ad Revenue: How Yelp Reached $1.28B
How To Decide If You Need AI In Your Marketing Mix
Sheltered Search: Google Stops Telling Publishers When Websites Are Cut From Results
MediaDailyNews - Friday, Feb. 16, 2024
Meta Invites Advertisers To Dodge Apple Fees On Instagram, Facebook
Google Hits Back At IAB After Releasing Privacy Sandbox Report
Disney, Activist Investors Take Proxy Fight To Shareholders' Homes
Warning: One In Three Republicans Won't Believe This Week's Analysis
Google Updates AI Model, Enables Long-Context Understanding Across Media
How Does a Billionaire Shop?
Lincoln Regrets 'Exception Clause' In 13th Amendment
TikTok App Launches On Apple's Vision Pro VR Headset
AI-Driven Affiliate Marketing And Ads? Brands Leap Into A New Era
Media Buyers Ramp Up Deals For Addressable TV, Consider It A 'Must Buy'
Trade Desk Sees 23% Q4 Revenue Increase, Stock Spikes 20%
Walmart-Vizio Deal: The Next Iteration Of Streaming, Performance Marketing?
More Stores In Trouble: Express, Big Lots, Children's Place, The Body Shop
TelevisaUnivision Q4 U.S. Ad Revenues Slip 5%, Core Ads 5% Higher
U.S. Passport Is A Sail, Not An Anchor -- Let's Keep It That Way
Roku Q4: Revenues Up 14%, ARPU Down, Stock Trading Slammed
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