Can Media Owners And Sellers Become Agencies, Before Agencies Become Media Owners And Sellers?
    The world of who buys and who sells media and marketing services is going to change dramatically over the next five years, and not just because of the growing roles digital companies like Google and Facebook play in the ecosystem. Companies that have historically bought media on behalf of marketers are realizing that to grow their businesses they now need to own core assets that would otherwise be described as media -- while companies that have historically owned and sold media are realizing that to grow their businesses, they now need to deliver full marketing services, not just media.
    Consumers Remember Stories, Not Products
    Do you remember anything at all when you watch ads -- or is the experience a hazy blur? The fact is, consumers rarely remember a product -- they remember stories, which may inspire the use of the product. That element is what online advertising is lacking.
    The Collateral Damage Of Disruption
    Not all the stories of disruption are of the "David vs. Goliath" variety. Sometimes they are more of the "David vs. Goliath vs. innocent bystanders" ilk.
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