Video Daily Editions for April 2017
Video Daily - Friday, April 28, 2017
Is This Bud For You? Cannabis Grows Online
Mobile-First Is No Longer A Term, It's An Ad Spend Fact
Periscope Adds Top Talent Fleeing From Holding Companies
Facebook Will Try To Help Victims Of Piracy
Inside Apple Music's Transformation Into Video Hub
Facebook Puts 'Freebooters' On Notice
When Influencers Strand You In The Caribbean
Myriad Smart TV Opportunities Are Poised To Open Up
Why Do So Many Millennials Still Live At Home?
WWE WrestleMania Knows Marketing & Media, Show & Sell
Baidu Integrates Video Ads On Android, Native On iOS For Mobile Apps
Will Brands Restore Spending On YouTube But At Lower Levels?
Snickers Videos Target Millennial Hispanics
Viewing Preferences Vary Between Cord-Cutters, Cord-Nevers
Publishers Work To Expand Influencer Footprint
Video Daily - Thursday, April 27, 2017
We Watch What Somebody Tells Us To Watch
OTT Free Trials Produce Subscription Conversions
Brands Commit To Increase Online Ad Spend
BuzzFeed Gets Public Pounding By Ex-Employe
Instagram: Bigger And Bigger
FTC Warns Media Brands To Disclose Sponsorships
ComScore Makes Viewablity Data Free For All
Another Murder Video Puts Facebook On Defensive
FCC Chair Unveils Plan To Roll Back 'Political' Net Neutrality Rules
NBC Content Studio, Broadway Video Partner For Original Content
Digital Channels Kickstart Millennial Searches
The Connected Garden: Cleaning Up Our Digital Ad Mess
Look Here, Alexa Has Eyes For You
Reach Consumers Looking To Spoil Mom On Her Day With Social Ads
WaPo Unleashes Bot Army
Video Daily - Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Mobile Ads Record Big Boost, Video Helps
Viewers Pay More Attention To Connected TV Ads, Study Finds
Pocket.Watch Winds Up A Deal With HobbyKidsTV
Study Finds Most Marketers Don't Consider Data Their Responsibility
Instagram: Bigger And Bigger
Burt's Bees Shows Maine Life In VR
More Than 90% Of Publishers Saw Native Ad Revenue Increase In Q1
AT&T's AdWorks Unveils Media Lab, Touts Cross-Screen Addressable Advertising
Content Marketing Has A Recall Problem, Research Finds
comScore Antes 'Table Stakes,' Provides Viewability Data Free Promo Video Features Employees Visiting Exotic Places
Facebook Takes On Fake News
Programmatic TV Will Evolve More Slowly, Requires Testing
Oath And Verizon Inspire Confidence. Not. Yet.
Demographics, Entertainment Choices Push TV Everywhere
Video Daily - Tuesday, April 25, 2017
When It Comes To Viewer Habits, Ad Folks Are The Stranger Things
Google: TV Inventory On DBM Provides Data-Driven Approach To Planning, Buying
Google Adds TV inventory To DoubleClick Bid Manager
Vice Reaches To Provide More 'Impact'
Virtual Reality: Still Swimming With Sharks
Netflix Raising Another Billion
Twitter's Really Excited About New In-Stream Video Ads
Ad Execs Have Distorted View Of Video Across Devices, Overweight Hand-Held
Survey Claims People Prefer TV On Laptops
Netflix Gets A Walk-on Role In China
Can Google Answer TV Advertisers' Real Needs?
Trojan Target Women In Condom Campaign
Inside Google's War On 'Bad' Content
Video Daily - Monday, April 24, 2017
VideoBlocks Takes On The Stock Photo Biz
Upfront/Newfront: TV Networks Consider Their Options
Google Offers TV Inventory Via DoubleClick Bid Manager
OTT Will Overtake Broadcast Views By 2020, Survey Says
TV Everywhere Via OTT Devices Rises
Facebook Cooks Up A New Deal For Publishers
More Viewers Watch TV Cross-Platform, As TV Set Usage Drops
Cord-Cutters, 'Cord-Nevers' Differ In Viewing, Demographics, Pay TV Subs Launches Wedding Hub
Why The YouTube Boycott Is A Good Thing For Creators
Three In Ten Americans Don't Use Social Media
'NYT' Hits Snapchat Discover, Then Publishes Navigation Guide For Readers
Facebook Takes Fake News 'Very Seriously'
Video Daily - Friday, April 21, 2017
Streaming Still Brings A 'Load' Of Problems
'NYT' Makes 'Truth' Easier To Find, New Spots Break On TV, Online
'Local' Netflix Competitor Unveils 'Magic Hour'
600% ROI With Influencer Marketing
Now Machinima Is Out At NewFronts
Facebook, Google Squeezing Publishers Again
Marketers Set Sights On Programmatic TV Ads
Blocking Poor Web Ad Experiences: What's In It For Google?
60% Of U.S. Broadband Homes Have An Internet-Connected TV Device
Keeping Pace With Gen Z + The New Wave of Digital Advertising
Brands Can Avoid A Pepsi-style Backlash
Advanced TV Priorities: Workflow Solutions, Mentality Shift
Murdoch Versus YouTube And Facebook -- It's So On!
Why Media Companies Are Pulling Back On The NewFronts
GoPro Debuts 'Fusion' VR Camera
USA Today Lost Millions Of Facebook Followers After Spammer Crackdown
Video Daily - Thursday, April 20, 2017
ColorTV Buys Guidebox To Mesh Discovery Tools
Google Reportedly Prepping Ad Blocker
YouTube TV Review: Almost Really Good
Flipboard Enables Video Ads
FTC Fires Warning Shot On Influencers
Mobile Video Attention Quadruples -- Time To Ride The Wave?
Q1 Media Spend Ticks Up, Digital 6% Higher
Hulu Tests Actors On Plot Of 'The Path.' Hilarity Ensues.
Will NFL Ratings Rise Again?
McDonald's Unbranded Campaign Asks Viewers To Google Coke
Merging Digital, TV Ad Tech: Q&A With TiVo's Joan FitzGerald
Netflix's 100 Millionth Customer Will Be Acquired By Data As Well As Content
A Happy Medium
Will FTC Crack Down On Instagram Ads?
AI, Video And Data Management Platforms Loom In 2017
Video Daily - Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Is Programmatic Causing A NewFronts Rethink?
Yahoo Search Revs Jump, Display Dips, As Co. Approaches Verizon Takeover
Oracle Will Acquire Moat, Ups Targeting Options
Twitter's Really Excited About New In-Stream Video Ads
Study: Nearly Half Of All TV Buying Will Be Programmatic Within 3 To 5 Years
Where Are The New Linear TV Ad Categories?
Digital Ads Going Self-Serve?
Nokia Updates VR Ecosystem, Enables Mixed Reality For Advertising
Facebook Unveils AR App Platform, Envisions Transformed Future
The Realities Of Virtual Reality At Retail
Is Fake News Done?
Netflix Will Spend $1B In Acquisition Marketing, With A Good Bit On Programmatic
Tumblr Debuts Video-Chat App 'Cabana'
Samsung Owns YouTube Views In March
Microsoft CMO Predicts AI's Effect On Marketing
Snapchat Unveils AR, Closely Followed By Facebook, Again
Video Daily - Tuesday, April 18, 2017
'Infield Chatter' App Lets MLB Players Get Social
Internet-Connected TV Grabs 10% Of Day Viewing
Beck's 'Blaze' Says It Had Good Reasons To Fire Lahren
How The 4% Digital Factor Impacts The Upfront
Forecast: Nearly 80% Of U.S. Display Spending Will Be Programmatic
Internet Will Surpass Print, TV, In Luxury Spending In 2018
Amid Uproar, Facebook Promises Faster Response
Don't Be Evil -- Revisited
Android Overtakes Windows For The First Time
BrandTech Helps Put Brands First on Digital Platforms
New Drone To Live-Stream Broadcast Quality 360-Degree Video
Sling TV Touts Success After Programmatic Integration
Pandora Launches Brand Campaign, Makes Premium Available To All
Guardian Calls Out Google And Facebook On Fake News
Gerber Campaign Acknowledges Changing Times
Video Daily - Monday, April 17, 2017
World Record For VR Binge Viewing: 50 Hours
IAB Group Releases New Features In Native Ad Spec For Comment
How GoPro Lost Its Vision Thing
How OTT Services Will Change Search Advertising, Marketing
Advertising On VOD Rises 21%
YouTube's Secret 'Dark Mode'; Not At All Sinister
Bloomberg Media Adds 4 Content Packages For Global Licensing
YouTube TV Is A Work In Progress
April The Giraffe's Baby Born As 1.2 Million Watch
VR Delivers 3 Consumer Engagement Opportunities
Form Follows Function: The DMA's New Cross-Device RFI
Girls Lead On Snapchat, Instagram Adoption
Consumers Can Stomach Ads In News Feeds, Research Shows
Storytelling And Research: Fumbling Around In The Dark
Is 'Instant Articles' Flailing?
Facebook Faulted For Broadcasting Murder
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