• Deliveroo Hack Sees Customers Charged For Food They Did Not Order
    One user said that GBP200 was spent on burgers delivered to several addresses. The firm said the hacks were carried out using passwords stolen in previous data breaches on other companies. One expert warned that the firm must improve security. Deliveroo was launched in 2013 as a takeaway app, offering to find all nearby locations for users wanting to order food.
  • Nokia Set To Launch Smartphones Again
    Nokia has confirmed that its upcoming smartphone will be released next year, making good on its promise to re-enter the mobile phone market. The once-mighty Finnish company sold its device business to Microsoft in 2014, where phones were sold under the Lumia brand. But as Microsoft effectively exits the smartphone business, Nokia is set to return.
  • UK Broadband To Get A Boost From The Chancellor
    In Wednesday's Autumn Statement, Chancellor Philip Hammond will announce GBP400m ($500m) funding for a new Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund. Private investors will be asked to match the amount. The money will be aimed at fibre broadband providers who are looking to expand. Hammond will also commit GBP740m to the development of 5G.
  • IBM Invests In UK Data Centres
    IBM has committed to a multi-million-pound project to build four new data centres in the UK, the latest in a series of British investments by major US technology groups. Coming as a boost to the Government ahead of the Autumn Statement, the move will treble IBM's capacity for "cloud computing" in the UK.
  • Should Agencies Pay To Be Pitched?
    To pay or not to pay -- that is the question. Or at least, that was the question posed by "Marketing Week" columnist Mark Ritson earlier this month when he asked whether clients should pay agencies to pitch for marketing services. Ritson says this "old chestnut" of an issue has become relevant again with the growth of zero-based budgeting within client-side organisations.
  • Apple's Christmas Ad Sees Frankenstein's Monster Caroling
    Apple has released an off-kilter Christmas ad that stars Frankenstein's monster trying to fit in with his community during the festive season. The ad opens with an obviously lonely monster called Frankie using his iPhone to record and rehearse a Christmas carol. He then attaches some festive lights to his neck screws before heading to the town's Christmas tree to serenade his neighbours.
  • P&G Cutting Agency Roster In Half
    P&G has cut the number of PR and ad agencies it works with by roughly 50%, as it looks to boost the efficiency of its marketing spend. The FMCG giant still spends around $500m (GBP400m) a year on marketing and advertising. Speaking during an investor day, Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard highlighted the SK-II luxury brand, whose open sourcing of ads means costs are down "about 50%."
  • Why Agencies Are Struggling To Grasp Facebook's Role
    Agencies are still struggling to fully grasp what role Facebook can play on the media plan, according to the social network's director of agency partnerships Ed Couchman. "Previously we've been a bit guilty of talking too much about ourselves and not about how Facebook can fit into an overall marketing and communications strategy," said Couchman.
  • Adidas Takes M-Commerce inspiration From Uber
    Rather than use its mobile app to sell football boots to as many as people as possible, Adidas is only letting those with a special code make purchases, much like the early Uber model where growth comes from consumer referrals. Going beyond the idea of "influencers" being a single and distinct group of people sits at the heart of how the brand will launch football boots in the future.
  • Facebook To Boost UK Head Count
    Facebook will today unveil plans for a major expansion of its London operations in another big boost to the UK's credentials as a hub for global technology companies. Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook's head of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, will tell the Confederation of British Industry's annual conference that the social media giant plans to hire 500 more staff in the UK.
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