• Facebook Joins Ban Of 'Fully Loaded' Kodi Boxes
    Facebook has joined Amazon and eBay in banning the sale of 'fully loaded' Kodi boxes. The set-top boxes provide illegal access to movies and sports content.
  • EU To Get Tougher On Extremist Content
    YouTube and the social media giants will face tougher rules in the future regarding hate speed and extremist content, "The Guardian" reports. The European Commission has drawn up new proposals to deal with the issue through a single EU entity that will need to be approved by the European Parliament.
  • WRCS Holds On To Candy Crush Global Creative Account
    We're not sure how the pitch invites were sent out, but "Campaign" reveals that Candy Crush has retained WRCS as its global creative shop, following a review in which it had to beat off competition from BBH, Iris and Leo Burnett.
  • Forrester Predicts The Demise Of Display
    A Forrester report has dared to spell out what many in digital marketing might have thought but not voiced. "The Drum" reports that the analyst firm is predicting the demise of display because of quality concerns around fraud as well as the fact that consumers are moving to experiences where they can less easily be interrupted.
  • Up The Quality And Decrease The Blockers, Says Unilever CMO
    "Marketing Week" readers have a sneak preview of Keith Weed's Cannes Lion speech. The Unilever CMO is urging advertisers to improve the quality of their digital display as the only way to fight rising ad-blocker adoption.
  • In-Store Shoppers At Risk Of Being Let Down By Untrained Sales Staff
    Online research means more than half of British shoppers arrive at a store knowing exactly what they want and a quarter feel that staff who share that detailed knowledge would provide a better retail experience. That's the finding of a new report from ShopperTrak, covered in Netimperative.
  • British Consumers Feel Brands Share The Blame For Bad Ad Placement
    One in two British consumers blame brands themselves for inappropriate ad placement and three in four are put off buying from a brand who advertising ends up in an embarrassing setting. That's according to research form Broadband Genie in Netimperative.
  • P&G Consolidates With Publicis Media
    P&G has consolidated its media account, including print, for the UK and Ireland with Publicis Media, according to "The Drum." The move follows a review earlier this year. The account is estimated to be worth GBP200m.
  • Sonobi Launches 'Beware The Yank' Campaign In The UK
    Sonobi, the header bidding ad tech company, has launched a "Beware The Yank" video campaign to the UK, following the similar lighthearted parody "Beware of the Bro-bots" campaign. The satirical video will be launched on YouTube and social media channels and, Campaign reveals, features a brash American ad tech company taking his vapourware company more British in a bid to boost sales.
  • Co-Op Moves To 100% British Meat
    Could this be the start of the highly anticipated move to Brand Britain that researchers have been predicting since the Brexit vote? "Campaign" reports that Co-Op is vowing to ensure all its own-label meat products contain meat sourced solely from the UK. The pledge will form the centerpiece of a new television ad campaign that launches today.
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