• IPhone X Opens For Pre-Orders Today
    It's not out until next Friday, but "The Telegraph" is revealing today that Apple fans can pre-order the iPhone X. Prices start at GBP999.
  • UK Millennials Lead The Global Charge For Digital Communications
    UK millennials are ahead of the pack in demanding that brand communications are digital. Three in four choose digital over other channels -- the highest proportion of the six major markets featured in eMarketer and just ahead of the US. In Germany, at the bottom of the league table of the six countries, the split is virtually an even 50:50 split.
  • Hotel Booking Sites To Be Investigated
    Hotel booking sites are to be probed by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) over fears they could be misleading the public, "Sky News" reveals. The authorities will be probing aggregator sites to ensure that the information passed on is fair and accurate, and in particular, if results are ranked around commissions paid to the sites that are not revealed to users.
  • NHS At Fault Over WannaCry Cyberattack
    May's WannaCry cyber attack on the UK's health system was the fault of the NHS itself for not heeding advice on cyber security, a report from the National Audit Office (NAO) reveals. The BBC reports that 6,900 appointments were cancelled because of the attack, which authorities say would have been avoided if advice had been acted on.
  • Former Minister Says Google And Facebook Should Fund Local Media
    Former Culture Secretary John Whittingdale has used a speech in London to slam Google and Facebook for killing local media. "Press Gazette" reports the former minister believes both should be made to fund local reporting projects.
  • Apple Taps 'Bake Off' Poacher To Open Up UK Market
    Apple has sought out the tv executive at Channel 4 who poached "The Great British Bake Off" from the BBC to head up its move in to the UK television market. "The Guardian" reports that Jay Hunt's appointment is part of a billion-dollar investment in to original programming to take on Netflix and Amazon.
  • Commercial Radio Outperforms The BBC For Third Quarter In A Row
    The latest Rajar figures show that commercial radio outperformed BBC stations for the third quarter in a row, "Campaign" reports.
  • Agencies Hedge Their M&A Bets Ahead Of Brexit
    M&A activity in marketing and advertising has been on the rise in the past quarter, with WPP leading the way in the UK. "Campaign" also reveals that the majority of deals outside the UK involved a British buyer, suggesting that agencies are attempting to diversify risk as Brexit looms.
  • DMA Tells Government It Must Support The Creative Industries More
    The DMA's Managing Director of Talent, Kate Burnett, has told a House of Lords Communications Committee that government should be doing more to support the data-driven, creative industries, Netimperative reports.
  • Facebook Asked To Investigate Russian Fake News 'Actors' In Brexit Vote
    Facebook has been asked by MPs to investigate whether Russian-generated fake news played a part in last year's Brexit vote. Damian Collins, the chair of the digital, culture, media and sport committee, has written to Mark Zuckerberg to request an investigation to assist the committee's investigation of fake news, "The Guardian" reports.
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