• The Times Calls Out YouTube For Exploiting Children
    After exposing YouTube for monetising extremist videos, "The Times" has a new route of attack against the Google-owned site. It has mad more than GBP7m a year through videos that the paper says exploit children and appeal to paedophiles.
  • Trinity Mirror Must Buy Express Or Cuts Will Be Deeper, Exec Warns
    A top Trinity Mirror executive has announced that the company unlikely to seal a deal to buy Express newspapers from Richard Desmond this year, with a warning that if a deal does not go through, cut backs at the group will need to be severe. "The Guardian" reports that Trinity Mirror is also bracing itself for reaction to an upcoming report that will reveal a huge gender pay gap at the group.
  • MPs Unite To Draft A Law To Protect 'Gig Economy' Workers
    Two committees of influential MPs have come together to draft a bill that would prevent companies from exploiting workers in the "gig" economy, "Sky News" reveals. The proposed law would be aimed at preventing the likes of Uber and Deliveroo from pretending workers are self-employed to avoid paying national insurance and offering benefits, such as sick pay and maternity leave.
  • Unilad Temporarily Blocked By Facebook
    One of the UK's most popular Facebook pages, Unilad, was blocked by Facebook over the past few days, but now appears to be working again, "The Telegraph" reports. It is not clear which content posted by Unilad prompted the block.
  • M&S Named Top Retail Storyteller, Apple Retains Top Spot Overall
    The Aesop league for best storytelling brands has placed Apple in the number one spot again, with Help For Heroes and the BBC in second and third spot. The top UK retailer is named as M&S, although it only just scrapes into the top 20 brands overall, "Marketing Week" reveals.
  • Premier League To Increase Live Games, Saturday Night Fixtures Likely
    Premier League clubs have voted to raise the number of live games shown on television to between 190 and 210 from the 2019 season onwards, up from around 168 currently aired. "The Guardian" predicts it will mean games are likely to be played and aired live on a Saturday night for the first time.
  • MPs Call For Facebook To Come Clean On Russian Interference In UK Politics
    "The Guardian" is reporting on growing pressure among campaigners, academics and politicians for Facebook to come clean on Russian interference in British politics.
  • Havas Shrinks By 11% In The UK After Unilever And Pernod Ricard Cut Spend
    "Campaign" has been crunching the numbers and has come up with a rather startling headline that Havas has shrunk by very nearly 11% in the UK during the last quarter after Unilever and Pernod Ricard cut their spend.
  • 'Trinity Mirror' And 'The Economist' Sign Up To Trust Indicators
    "Trinity Mirror" and "The Economist" have signed up to Trust Indicators, a new way for publishers to assure Google and Facebook they are reputable news sources. Press Gazette explains that the move means publishers must explain how articles are funded, whom they are written by and what expertise the journalist has to be taking on the subject.
  • The Sun And Independent Leads Online News Audience Growth
    While "Mail Online" remains the country's most popular news website, "The Sun" and "Independent" are the fastest-growing news sites, each notching up growth of more than 70% year-on-year, according to the latest ABC figures published in "Press Gazette."
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