• Consumer Confidence Plummets Year-On-Year In December
    "Marketing Week" reports the news from GfK that no marketer or retailer wants to hear in December -- consumer confidence in buying big-ticket items -- has plummeted from a ranking of +12 last December t -4 in the first 20 days of this December.
  • 'The Canary' Forced To Apologise Over Laura Kuenssberg Story
    Left-wing politics site The Canary has been found by Impress to be in breach of its editorial code and forced to apologise over its coverage of Laura Kuenssberg. "Press Gazette" reveals that the story alleging the BBC Politics Editor was speaking at the Conservative party conference was ruled to be misleading -- as she had been invited but had not accepted.
  • Sky News Staff Implore Regulator To Not Block Takeover Deal
    "Sky News" staff have piled the pressure on the competition watchdog, warning that if the Murdochs' attempt to gain 100% control is blocked, the channel will be seen as a barrier to the takeover of 21st Century Fox by Disney and the channel will be closed. This will mean the loss of 500 jobs and the closure of the country's only non-BBC 24-hour rolling news station, "Press Gazette" reveals.
  • Government Tells BT To Roll Out Faster Broadband By 2020
    BT has lost the broadband rollout battle. The government has insisted that the telecoms provider must provide speeds of 10mbp/s by 2020. BT had wanted more control over the timing of the rollout, BBC reports.
  • Uber Really Is A Taxi Service, EU Court Rules
    An EU court has dealt yet another blow to Uber, "Sky News" reports. The ride-hailing app has been told that despite its protestations, it is a taxi service, so should be regulated as such.
  • Peroni Appoints New Global Creative Agency To Regain Youth Credentials
    Peroni has explained that it has appointed Leagas Delaney to its global creative account in a bid to regain its youthful credentials, according to "Campaign."
  • Royal British Legion Calls Creative Review Ahead Of 100th Armistice Anniversary
    The Royal British Legion has called a review of its creative account, after four years with Y&R London, "Campaign" reveals. The new agency will be responsible for devising a campaign to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day and the end of World War I.
  • 53% Of UK Social Users Will Be On Instagram By 2021
    More than half of all UK social media users will be on Instagram by 2021, according to eMarketer. However, as a report in Netimperative discovers, this still puts the UK in 9th place on the adoption league table, way behind Sweden in top spot. The US is in twelfth spot.
  • Paddy Power Switches To Chime From Lucky Generals
    Paddy Power has split with Lucky General after four years, "Campaign" reports. The agency did not repitch in a process that has led to Chime Sports Marketing behind handed its creative and strategy accounts while WCRS is scheduled to work on a one-off project next year.
  • Britain First Suspended -- Twitter Cracks Down On Group Retweeted By Trump
    Twitter is taking a stand against right-wing groups, starting with the founders of Britain First, the group that shot to fame recently when President Trump shared their anti-Muslim posts. The group's main account, belonging to co-founder Paul Golding, has been suspended along with Jayda Fransen's, the group's deputy leader, according to "The Telegraph."
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