• ISBA Says Facebook Meeting Was 'Constructive And Challenging'
    "Campaign" reports that ISBA is saying its meeting with Facebook on Friday was constructive and it has been reassured by the social media giant's promise to monitor and limit the data apps using its platform harvested from users.
  • Twelve Redundancies Drag Down Morale At The IBT London Newsroom
    "Press Gazette" is quoting sources who say the "International Business Times" newsroom is at a low ebb and working on too many "clickbaity" articles after a dozen journalists were made redundant recently.
  • Facebook Apologises In Full-Page Ads
    Facebook took out full-page ads in "The Sunday Times" and "The Observer" yesterday to apologise for having been warned about poor data practices seven years ago, "The Drum" reports.
  • EU Competition Commissioner Stil Considering Breaking Up Google
    The EU's Competition Commissioner has told "The Telegraph" she still believes the notion that Google may need to be split up should be kept on the table as it appeals against its record fine of last June and still has two further anti-competition charges to defend itself against.
  • Another 49 Jobs At Risk At Trinity Mirror
    After recently announcing that 49 roles were in trouble, Trinity Mirror has revealed that another 49 jobs are likely to be lost in local newsrooms across the country, "Press Gazette" reveals.
  • M&C Saatchi Profit Rise Due To Less Reliance On FMCGs
    M&C Saatchi boss, David Kershaw, saw an 8% rise in profits that shows the agency model is healthy, "Campaign" reports. Kershaw believes the rise in profits is attributable to the group relying less on large FMCGs and media buying than the larger holding companies.
  • Former PM Is Asking Police To Investigate 'The Sunday Times'
    Gordon Brown is asking the police to investigate whether "The Sunday Times" used an investigator to gain illegal access to his bank account in a story written about his purchase of an apartment in 2000, "The Guardian" reports.
  • Retail Sales Bounced Back In February
    February retail sales were 0.8% higher than January, beating expectations of a 0.4% rise, "The Times" reports. The improvement on the high street is believed to be attributed to inflation levelling off.
  • The High Street's Bellwether Retailer See Profits Dip 8%
    Profits are down 8% at Next. The retail brand is usually held up as a bellwether sign of how the high street is performing, "The Times" reports.
  • Accenture To Marry Tech And Creative While Avoiding Media Buying
    Accenture Interactive sees future success in helping brands be creative with technology rather than trying to compete with the holding companies in media buying, "Campaign" reveals.
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