• British Postal Workers To Vote On Possible Strike
    Direct mail marketers beware-- "The Times" brings news that the Communication Workers Union is issuing ballot papers for a vote next week on possible strike action. It would be the first strike in a decade if postal workers vote to walk out.
  • Shoppers Want Personalisation, But Also Greater Privacy
    New research from Episerver suggest that shoppers are giving brands an impossible task of prioritising privacy but also pushing ahead with personalisation, "Netimperative" writes.
  • Johnny Depp Attends London Libel Hearing Against 'The Sun'
    Johnny Depp attended a London court yesterday as his libel case against "The Sun" began. According to "Press Gazette," the tabloid reported he had been abusive toward his ex-wife.
  • Gina Miller Wins Court Case On Brexit Article
    "Press Gazette" reports that the press regulator Impress has backed Gina Miller, who claimed a website article which claimed she was trying to block Brexit was incorrect. Unity News Network has been ordered to print an apology.
  • UK Police Lack Digital Forensics Skills
    The Government's Forensic Science Regulator has warned that the country's police forces lack the necessary digital forensics skills required to gather data from computers and smartphones to help secure convictions, The Telegraph reports.
  • LADbible Becomes First Social Publisher To Achieve Gold Standard
    "Mobile Marketing" brings news that LADbible has become the first social publisher to qualify for the IAB UK Gold Standard after it rolled out ads.txt across its entire content portfolio.
  • Lady Sorrell Announces She Is Seeking To Divorce Sir Martin
    "The Telegraph" has printed a statement from Lady Cristiana Falcone Sorrell, wife of Sir Martin Sorrell, saying the pair have separated and she is now seeking a divorce.
  • FCA Admits Major Data Breach
    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has admitted it suffered a major data breach last year when it revealed the names, addresses and telephone numbers of people who had filed complaints against a financial institution. City A.M. reveals the organisation could feasibly face a fine up to GBP17m under GDPR.
  • Training Body Calls For Better Diversity Funding
    British journalism training organisation the NCTJ is calling on publishers to boost funding of its diversity training by GBP500,000 to allow it to keep up with demand and ensure more people from diverse backgrounds enter the profession, "Press Gazette" reports.
  • Disney+ Subscriptions Open Ahead Of March 24th Launch
    Disney+ sign-ups are live in the UK now and are being offered at a pre-launch price of GBP49.99 for the first year, "Wired" magazine writes. The service launches on March 24th.
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