Revision 3 Offers Conan Online TV Show

Revision 3 to Conan

Fox is not the only network interested in the soon-to-be ex-Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien. Revision 3 has posted an open letter on its blog offering O'Brien his own show on the Internet television network.

"Rest assured, you'll be able to bring your set, band and even Andy (especially Andy) with you as you transition to our cutting-edge online TV network. We have room for the Masturbating Bear, FedEx Pope and even Mini Jay Leno here on the internet," reads the letter penned by Ryan Vance, Revision 3's vice president of programming and production.

The missive addressed to "Mr. Conan 'Coco' O'Brien" goes on to tout some of the advantages of working online, including no airtime, no network censors and complimentary broadband.



"I know you don't have a big footprint in online media at the moment, but take our word for it: Internet television is the future. The space has seen a 35% average increase in advertising spending in 2009. (Just think how many cigars that would buy for Triumph The Comic Insult Dog)," reads the Vance letter.

What about salary? "You're going to have more money than Oprah from NBC, so what do you care?!"

Serious or not, the Revision 3 offer underscores O'Brien's popularity on the Internet, where hundreds of thousands of fans in the last week have taken to blogs, Twitter and Facebook to express support.

Fox has also been vocal about potentially giving the deposed host a new home at the network since the "Tonight Show" controversy erupted.

Started in 2005, Revision 3 now offers a lineup of some 20 shows, including programs such as "Diggnation," "Digg Dialog," and "HD Nation."

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  1. Ian Schafer from Deep Focus, January 19, 2010 at 10:07 a.m.

    There's another way to do this. Go dual-screen:

  2. Marshall Clark from Organic, Inc., February 3, 2010 at 6:08 p.m.

    Brilliant PR move from Revision3 - nice one Ryan!

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