Dannon Oikos To Return To The Super Bowl

  • September 4, 2013
Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt will advertise in 2014's Super Bowl, after a one-year absence, The Dannon Company announced. 

Oikos's sales have doubled since it aired its spot in the 2012 Super Bowl, according to the company, which says it will do a fully integrated campaign around the spot, but is providing no other details as yet.

Dannon joins three other major brands that have already announced that they'll advertise in the next Bowl: Anheuser-Busch, Intuit and GM.

Another brand is expected to announce its Bowl participation next week, according to USA Today.

Dannon and other sources attributed the super-early announcements this year to brands' determination to maximize their ROI via early implementation of social media and PR strategies.

In addition, many advertisers purchased their Bowl ad time in May or June as part of larger package deals during the upfront TV buying season, noted David Campanelli, director of national TV at Horizon Media.



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