5 Trends That Might Impact Marketing To Moms In 2014

As we head towards the holiday season, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming year. We all know that the marketing landscape is crowded -- and it’s harder than ever to reach moms. One way to get ahead of the curve is to take an early look at some trends and factors that might impact marketing to moms in 2014. What’s changing? What will stay the same? How can my brand or agency take advantage of the new trends?

Here’s a look at some of the mom-focused trends that are shaping up to make the biggest impact on the world of brands and agencies next year:

Digital brand experiences – As moms become more comfortable with owning multiple devices, they’ve come to expect uninterrupted brand messaging on each device. There are a few brands that have already taken big steps toward a seamless brand experience, regardless of device. For example, Fisher-Price has a holiday “Share the Joy” campaign that reaches millennial moms through videos and coupons on the Web site, and moms are encouraged to share via social media. This online campaign is coupled with TV ads that have a similar brand feel and message. Use this example to think about how to build digital brand experiences that are immersive on every device.

A spotlight on entertaining – In many ways, Pinterest is the first search engine moms turn to when they need ideas, especially when it comes to party themes, recipes, decorations, crafts and more. With Pinterest, mom is inspired to host a dinner party with an elegant table setting and delicious cocktails. Because of Pinterest, she is inspired to create a construction theme birthday party for her little boy with bulldozer digital invitations, ticker tape décor and a road sign cake. Your 2014 marketing plan should not only consider how to leverage traffic on Pinterest, but also look for other web publishers where entertaining and celebrations are a main focus.

More dedicated “Me” time – Mom’s focus will always be on her family. However, with easier access to new products and services using her tablet or smartphone, mom has extra time to indulge. As a result, we are about to see a big change in how brands market to moms. In recent years, brands and agencies have emphasized helping moms with her families. In 2014, we’ll see brands and agencies shift towards helping mom look for ways to recharge, relax, and enjoy time by herself.  

The Household CEO – Most marketers assume that mom is the Household CEO. That’s why countless brands focus their message on reaching mom as the key decision-maker. However, more dads are assuming the role of purchaser in the house. And in many homes, moms and dads now confer during the decision-making process and before making a purchase. In 2014, brands will need to figure out how to reach mom while including dad in their messaging.

Relationships with brands – Moms are 20% more likely to use social media than the rest of the population. One key reason for this difference is that two-thirds of moms believe they can influence a brand by posting to their social network. Whether it’s positive or negative feedback, moms want brands and fellow moms to hear their opinions. As a brand, use this feedback to inform your product team and don’t hesitate to use the content in marketing materials. Here’s an idea: Gather your most vocal moms into a community of brand advocates that can review new products and offer advice to other moms.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on these trends. How will these trends impact your content, social media, or advertising plans in 2014? What trends did I miss? Leave a comment below or find me on Twitter @PunchbowlTrends



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