AT&T Chants Up The Yankees

AT&T is once again showing its support for the New York Yankees with a new television campaign from BBDO New York that takes the team’s “Let’s Go Yankees” rhythmic chant to new levels.

In one television commercial airing this week, two men have an entire conversation, using only the four-beat chant. “What’s up, Brian,” chants one from his office cubicle. “Not much, Tony,” chants the other from his kitchen table while feeding young children. “I scored tickets,” says the first. “I’ll ask Donna [his wife],” responds the other. Donna, not amused, responds with a simple “It’s fine,” without chanting. The spot ends with the two men chanting “Let’s go, Yankees” at the game.



A second commercial follows a similar pattern, with a dentist — in mid-procedure — taking a video call from a friend who’s in the stands at a game. The friend at the game goads the dentist into joining the stadium’s “Let’s go, Yankees” chant through the phone.

“This campaign makes it clear that AT&T is fully committed to the Yankees and their fans,” Greg Skasko, director of corporate sponsorships for AT&T, tells Marketing Daily. “We speak their language. We know that no matter where they are, they are always Yankees fans.”  

The company is giving fans their own chance to add to the cheers, encouraging them to add their own chants online at or on Twitter using the hashtag #MyYankeesChant. The company has also erected a booth at Yankee Stadium where fans can also create a chant. Fans who upload their chants will be automatically entered into a sweepstakes for Yankees gear and tickets.

“In addition to the sweepstakes, there [will be] an end-of-season wrap-up video of fans’ chant content that will appear on the stadium’s video board,” Skasko says.

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