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Brands Brace For Convergence Of 'Native' & Ad Tech

Advertising Age has posted an article that covers the convergence of programmatic technologies and native advertising, and what brands can do to “remain human” through the process. The post was authored by Michael Brenner, head of strategy at NewsCred, a content marketing company.

“For now, placing native ads into a programmatic strategy is something that brands can do -- but they are wisely being careful about its application so far, since getting it right is ultimately about providing content that audiences actually want,” the post reads. “Native isn't just about placement. It's about the content being just as indigenous as the readers who dwell there. Brands must work with publishers to meet that mutually-beneficial goal or risk being the butt of even more jokes.”

Brenner also urges marketers to take a semi-automated approach -- the article notes that “humans will always play a role” --  and to remain transparent, writing that “your users should never feel tricked or deceived when clicking your content.”



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