Super Bowl Tweetup To Call Out Sexist Ads During the Game

This oughtta be good. Marketing exec and founder of The 3% Conference Kat Gordon is hosting a tweetup during the Super Bowl where viewers can tweet their reactions to ads they deem sexist. Carl's Jr., anyone? (Yes, I know that will only air regionally).

Co-organized with the Representation Project, Gordon will be joined by five agencies including DDB Chicago, Hill Holliday Boston and The Hive in San Francisco. Anyone can join the party using the #3PercentSB and #NotBuyingIt hastags. Of course, if anyone likes a particular spot, they are encouraged to say so and use the hashtag #MediaWeLike. Gordon wants men to know they are encouraged to chime in as well. And if they are so inclined, to use the hashtag #admen to identify themselves.

Of the tweetup, Gordon says, "This will be the third year I’ve personally live-tweeted responses to the ads, and, frankly, I just got tired of shushing friends and family during the commercial breaks. It will be so much more fun to invite other female creatives to bring their phones, laptops and sardonic wit and humor to call out the good, the bad and the ugly Super Bowl spots the creative ad community has to offer."

And if Gordon where to compose the perfect tweet taking into consideration various advertising to women stats, she says, "If all these stats had to be mashed up in one tweet, I'd sum them up with these 140 characters: 'Women watch equally, buy + share in greater #s than men on Super Bowl Sunday. Ads with female appeal = best return on $4 million price-tag.'"

Ever the witty one, Gordon adds, "And the old adage that 'sex sells' is being refuted with research that says that brand recall dips when the brain is busy processing ta-tas."

She has a point there



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  1. Jonathan Hutter from Northern Light Health, January 30, 2015 at 9 a.m.

    They won't have any time to watch the game!

  2. cara marcano from reporte hispano, January 30, 2015 at 12:53 p.m.

    newsflash: Women can watch the game and also tweet at the same time XO ; )
    Twitter use during TV watching is shown to have higher-engagement 360 than any other social media use. breasts are great; it's more about how you are using them and talking about them that is the issue. Sexy (to women and men) is fine. It's the sexy at the expense of women they are talking about.

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