BBH New York Appoints 'Head of Talent' Because HR Director Sounds Too Boring

In a sort of a head-scratcher, BBH New York is making a big deal out of the promotion of Head of Talent Management Armando Turco to the newly created position of Head of Talent. Why a head-scratcher? Because creating a position that's basically an HR function that should exist inside every agency seems like just another buzzword bingo name game ad agencies are all too eager to play.

Yes, it is said that Armando's responsibilities "will not only include operations and recruitment, but also career development, education, culture enrichment," but isn't that really what good department heads and HR should already be providing? 

But apparently, for BBH, that's not enough. Explaining the move further, BBH North America CEO Pat Lafferty said: “Cultivating and championing our talent has always been a priority at BBH. We truly believe that hiring and developing the most amazing, smart, creative, all-around good people is critical to our ongoing success. In the wake of an incredible growth year both creatively and fiscally, increased emphasis on people and leader development was an essential next step."

Again, doesn't that sound like what any good human resources department should be doing? Ah yes, I understand now. HR Director sounds so bland, so boring, so mundane. Renaming the position Head of Talent makes it sound super sexy, progressive, hip, cool, ahead of the curve. Yeah, that's it.



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