In A Shocking Revelation Of The Obvious, Dan Wieden Says Creatives Are Too Self Entitled

Speaking at the Communications Council Leadership Forum in Sydney last week, Wieden told the audience, “You and I can do better. I believe my work and your work are getting a little too familiar. It’s good, it’s solid. Don’t get me wrong, I’m making money, you’re making money. But is this the best you and I can do? Are we living up to what we asked of ourselves back in the day? I believe the problem we face is some sense of entitlement."

He elaborated adding, “Unfortunately we got into a groove, we developed a sensibility that was so fresh, so much fun, so precious and we learned how to reboot variations of it year after year. We treated this work like it was some sort of fine crystal. Maybe it’s time to break a little crystal.”

So what's Wieden's solution to break out of this rut? Embrace chaos.

Specifically, he said, “Chaos does this amazing thing order cannot do. Chaos is the only thing that wants you to grow, the only friend that helps you be creative, that demands you be creative, so you can make something that matters. I kind of think that’s what our jobs should be.”

Here that creatives? Get your chaos on!



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