Omnicom's Communispace Rebrands To C Space

Omnicom-owned Communispace said it will begin operating Tuesday under the name C Space. The change more closely represents the company's business model and continued commitment to helping brands like Wal-Mart Stores, National Car, Sysco and Bose connect with their customers.

Promise Communispace and Jigsaw International, the agency's European and Asian consultancies, respectfully, will also operate under the new name, unifying the company's global brand. The three combined companies will have about 473 employees supporting 175 clients worldwide.

While the "C" represents customer; the word "Space" in the new name signifies where brands and customers go to work together, either online or in person. The business model focuses on co-creating with clients, testing assumptions, and staying committed to relationships.

The transition began last summer when C Space CEO Charles Trevail sent about 50 people at the agency to meet with clients. They would "listen," without an agenda, to identify the major needs. The agency execs spoke with clients about the best way to reinvent its strategy.



From there, the group developed a handful of hypotheses in an effort to reposition the business. The Web site, rebuilt; logos, redesigned; and message, fine-tuned. The clients, or brands, became an extension of the agency.  

C Space supports companies running a variety of media campaigns, as well as works with brands to address some of their major business challenges. For search marketing and advertising, the creative teams work directly with the brand's customers to understand "how" and "what" they seek when searching online for the brand's or its competitor's products. It's easy to look at the data or search queries and make assumptions about customer preferences and desires, but working directly with customers and building relationships can help brands understand the "why" behind the decisions.

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