'Original' To Spokesman: No Soup Ads For You, Replaced By 'Seinfeld' Actor

It sounds like a real "Seinfeld" episode. Chef Al Yeganeh became internationally famous for his soups after Seinfeld's iconic 1995 "soup" plot featured a slightly fictional version of the chef and his "no soup for you" catchphrase.

Larry Thomas played the role of this "Original Soupman." 

Thomas is taking over the front man and spokesman role for Original Soups from Yeganeh, who served in the role until the end of last year, when his contract expired.   

Brand Initiatives Group serves as the company's branding agency. Thomas will appear in digital advertising as well as social-media initiatives. He will make in-person appearances in his trademark chef's outfit. Although the brand will also still feature Yeganeh on packaging, Thomas will take the lead role in special appearances and marketing efforts. The two are not likely to appear together in any advertising.  



“I am very excited to be part of The Original Soupman family,” said Thomas.

“For the first time, instead of just saying ‘No Soup for You!’ I can smile a little bit and add ‘Soup for You!’ so fans can come visit me at the store.  But just don’t cut in line, or you’re out!"  

Soupman's portfolio includes franchised restaurants, packaged foods, and in June, an Original Soupman Soupmobile opened on Wall Street in New York City. 

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  1. Katie Biggs from KBMedia, July 27, 2015 at 8:33 a.m.

    I think that the No Soup ads were great. My era will remember this well.

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