Say Cheese: Jarlsberg's 'Make A Sandwish' Campaign

There are thousands of ways of making sandwiches, with cheese typically serving as an essential ingredient. Now Jarlsberg cheese is launching a new global campaign to encourage foodies to imagine and submit their most incredible sandwich requests -- nicknamed 'Sandwishes' -- that showcase Jarlsberg cheese. 

Developed by Perfect Fools, the “Make a Sandwish” campaign asks fans to submit their unique dish to where the top nine suggestions will be recreated online by celebrity chef, Ben Bayly. One grand prize winner will receive their own 'Sandwish' beach vacation.  

To help jumpstart ideas, Bayly has created three Sandwishes: the Mac and Cheese, Gazpacho, and the Wedding Cake. Then “Make a Sandwish” recipes as well as the future submissions will be featured on YouTube and run across all Jarlsberg channels, selected foodie online networks and influential bloggers through November. 



Chef Bayly will also wield his social media power to raise awareness for the effort. It wasn't easy to select a spokesperson who is not only talented, but comes with charisma and experience in front of the camera, agency executives say. According to the agency, "this made him perfect for a global campaign that both required advanced cooking skills and the ability to turn something traditional into something fun, crazy and innovative."  

The campaign aims to generate more fans, social media engagement and traditional media awareness. It’s also part of an ongoing Jarlsberg experience strategy to redefine what premium means to the brand.  

Jarlsberg's parent company Tine is Norway's largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products. Perfect Fools has worked with Tine for three years.  

"With ‘Make a Sandwish’ we can connect with people across the world and demonstrate the versatility of our unique cheese," says Bjarte Leknes Frøyland, digital coordinator, at Tine. "What better way to do that, than with some weird, fun and wonderful food mashups."


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