The Internet Of Things By The Percentages: The Year-End View

Keeping up with the many forecasts around The Internet of Things can be a full-time job in itself.

Since I regularly track the flood of research reports that aim to predict where the connected objects juggernaut is headed, I thought it might be helpful to aggregate a year-end snapshot of current market data points.

I did a similar tally a few months back (The Internet of Things by the Percentages), but since the market continues to evolve, here’s an updated view of IoT, at least from a percentage standpoint, with the source of each at the end:

  • 16% -- Percentage of smartphones shipped this year that are Apple. (IDC)
  • 18% -- Percentage of U.S. consumers who trust having their personal data tied to a connected device. (Google Consumer Surveys for Auth0)
  • 43% -- Percentage of U.S. households with broadband that plan to purchase a smart home device in the next 12 months. (Parks Associates)
  • 50% -- Size of the increase in the number of smart home products owned by consumers. (Parks Associates)
  • 51% -- Percentage of U.S. consumers who have some smart devices connected in their homes. (Harris Poll for myDevices)
  • 53% -- Canadian executives who are completely unaware of the Internet of Things. (Northstar for Microsoft)
  • 61% -- Percentage of U.S. consumers who would like to receive an IoT gift this holiday season. (Harris Poll for myDevices)
  • 62% -- Percentage of U.K. consumers who view receiving messages triggered by beacons as harassment. (Interactive Media in Retail Group/eDigital Research)
  • 65% -- U.S. consumers 18-to-34 years old who own connected devices. (Harris Poll for myDevices)
  • 66% -- Percentage of consumers who rate Internet of Things products as too expensive. (McKinsey)
  • 72% -- Early adopters who have smart thermostats or climate control in their home. (Centercode)
  • 72% -- Percentage of Canadian executives who find The Internet of Things confusing. (Northstar for Microsoft)
  • 74% -- Consumers who want smart devices to be as simple to set up as cable TV. (TNS for Intel)
  • 81% -- Percentage of smartphones shipped this year that are Android. (IDC)
  • 82% -- Percentage of consumers who don’t trust having their personal data tied to an IoT Device. (Google Consumer Surveys for Auth0)
  • 85% -- Canadian executives who says they are not fully utilizing the IoT. (Northstar for Microsoft)
  • 86% -- Percentage of consumers who want to manage all smart home devices from one central portal. (TNS for Intel)
  • 88% -- Percentage of consumers who see a smart home as being too expensive. (The Demand Institute)
  • 96% -- Number of buyers of IoT products who face challenges. (Dimensional Research for ParStream)
  • 198% -- Size of increase in the number of wearables that shipped last quarter compared to a year ago. (IDC)

Not all projections are in total agreement, but they all point to one direction for The Internet of Things. Up.

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