Wearable Buyers: 89% Comfortable With Technology, 74% See It As Exciting

The growth of wearable, Internet-connected things is massive but the question is who are the people buying all these gadgets?

It turns out the buyers are quite high-tech, very much into social media and attuned to style.

The majority (89%) of future wearable buyers are comfortable with technology, according to a new study. They also view wearable technology as exciting.

The study by IDC is based on a survey of 1,500 U.S. consumers who intend to purchase a wearable product in the next six months. Here are some of their views and behaviors:

  • 89% -- Comfortable with technology
  • 76% -- Check smartphone first thing in the morning
  • 74% -- Wearable technology is exciting
  • 69% -- Technology plays a big role in their lives

Many (67%) enjoy using social media, with most (87%) using Facebook and almost half (45%) using Twitter, although most consumers read more than they post.

The consumer behaviors matter since a large number of wearables are coming.

The number of devices shipped last year hit 77 million devices, an increase of 172% from the year before. But by 2019, IDC projects the number of wearables hitting the market will reach 214 million.

Another interesting insight in the study is how wearable-friendly consumers view themselves. Here are some highlights:

  • 89% -- Conscious how they present themselves
  • 77% -- How they dress is important to them
  • 66% -- See clothing as an expression of who they are
  • 63% -- Accessories they wear says something about them

Of course, these consumers have yet to make their wearable purchase, so it will be interesting to see how brands market to them to help sway the buy.


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