IAB Tech Lab Releases Dynamic Content Ad Standard

In a bid to increase the relevance of ads delivered to consumers across desktop and mobile, the IAB Tech Lab on Wednesday released the IAB Dynamic Content Ad Standard for public comment. The standard aims to enable digital ads — whether display, video, audio, native, or social — to render differently depending on the viewer, allowing a varied set of assets to be implemented in real-time in response to pre-determined data triggers and business rules.

The standard was designed for creative and technical professionals who build and deliver ads on a variety of platforms. Media agencies and operations teams can also use the standard to track distinct creative assets and report on their performance.

“It’s time for marketers to fully reap the benefits of audience targeting,” stated Alanna Gombert, senior vice president, technology and ad operations, IAB, and general manager, IAB Tech Lab. “This standard will allow brands to go beyond reaching consumers at the right place and time, offering the ideal creative to connect.”

“Dynamic creative will help lay the critical foundation for a future where creative meets technology in a much more rigorous way, eventually supporting the emergence of artificial intelligence in digital advertising, allowing creativity to become even more relevant,” stated Cary Tilds, chief innovation officer, GroupM, and co-chair of the IAB Tech Lab Dynamic Content Ad Standard Working Group. 

The public comment period will run through November 28, 2016, after which the IAB Tech Lab Dynamic Content Ad Standard Working Group will evaluate the comments received, make any necessary revisions, and release a final version.

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