Streaming Services Showing Strength

U.S. consumers are becoming increasingly platform- and device-agnostic when it comes to watching entertainment. 

For the first time ever, the number of people who subscribe to free or paid streaming video services (68%) is about the same as those who use paid television services (67%), according to the Consumer Technology Association. 

The CTA’s latest “Changing Landscape for Video and Content” report also reveals that the time people spend watching video on television (51%)  is about the same as the time they spend watching video on other technology devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones (49%). At the same time, consumers are watching more video than before. On average, the amount they watch has increased to 32% since 2001, to about 3.2 hours a day (or 16.8 hours a week).

That said, the television remains the dominant entertainment hub within the home, says Jeff Joseph, senior vice president of communications and strategic relationships at the CTA.Sales of 4K Ultra HD TVs are expected to be one of the fastest-growing consumer electronics segments this year, he says. 



“CTA’s consumer research shows people want larger screens and better picture,” Joseph tells Marketing Daily. “The TV remains the essential entertainment hub for activities such as gathering to watch sporting events, watching movies as families and playing video games together.”

Although consumers still tend to learn about new content through traditional methods, such as TV commercials, word-of-mouth and the internet, roughly 20% said they are also receiving information from streaming service recommendations and social media. 

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