Petco App Helps Animals In Need

Petco is expanding its digital offerings with the launch of Heads & Tails by Petco, the first iOS app where pet parents can both receive a gift card and donate to help animals in need by taking selfies with their pet.

After posting selfies with their pets, pet parents whose photos receive 100 likes in a month will receive a $25 gift card from Petco, with an additional $25 going to the Petco Foundation.

The promotion comes on the heels of a promotion by Pedigree and Facebook also involving selfies that promotes adoption.  

“We know the internet can’t get enough of pet selfies,” says Brock Weatherup, executive vice president of strategic innovation and digital experience at Petco. 

Petco recently forged new digitally driven relationships with the pet community through PetCoach and Pet Project, Weatherup says. 



The Heads & Tails app will display all approved selfie submissions in its timeline and users can also share the published selfie via Facebook and Twitter, and soon Instagram. Heads & Tails by Petco is available for free in the App Store. 

All pet selfie contests start at midnight PST on the first of the month and end at 11:59 p.m. PST on the last day of the month. Uploaded selfies must include at least one human and one pet to be eligible to win and be entered in one of nine categories: Best Dressed, Funny, I’m in Petco!, Most Photogenic, Nap Time, New Pet, No Dogs Allowed, Summer Fun and Twinning. Users must also create a profile page that will display all posted selfies and pet details, including breed, age, weight and a profile picture.

Petco has a dedicated Heads & Tails website with more information on the promotion. 

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