13% of Broadband Households Adopt Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats continue to be a hot item in the world of the smart home.

The adoption of smart thermostats reached 13% of U.S. broadband households in 2017, according to new research.

This is an increase from 11% in 2016, based on new smart energy research from Parks Associates.

"The steady rise of adoption in smart thermostats comes as multiple sales channels offer and promote these devices," stated Tom Kerber, director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates.

Connected thermostats are one of a growing number of smart home devices.

More than half (50%) of broadband households report an intention to purchase smart home devices within the next 12 months, according to Parks.

The main aides to help in the purchase decision are websites that help with research, online product reviews, knowledgeable salespeople to help understand options and someone to go to a home to help figure out what is needed.

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