Millennials Watch More On-Demand Video Than DVR

Although millennials still watch a lot of regular TV -- more than two hours a day -- much of their alternative TV watching comes with on-demand viewing rather than traditional time-shifted TV.

In the second quarter of 2017, 18- to-24-year-old viewers had 9% less DVR/time-shifted viewing -- 11 hours and 7 minutes (11:07) per month -- versus the same time period a year earlier, according to Video Advertising Bureau’s analysis of Nielsen data.

Those viewers ages 25-34 are watching 8% less at 17 hours/26 minutes, with viewers ages 35-49 down to 23 hours/44 minutes -- 6% lower.

At the same time, the VAB notes that viewers 18-24 are watching 35% more “video on a computer” -- at 34 hours/15 minutes per month -- with viewers 25-34 watching 28% more, at 33 hours/27 minutes.

When it comes to watching “video on a smartphone” -- viewers 18-24 are watching 61% more -- at 7 hours/19 minutes per month -- with viewers 25-34 watching 113% more to 6 hours/11 minutes.



Not to be left out, VAB also says all demographics -- young and old -- have seen rising usage of video on computers and smartphones. Overall, there was a 39% increase to 23 hours/31 minutes in watching “video on computers,” with a 89% bump on “video on smartphones” to 4 hours/45 minutes per month.

The Video Advertising Bureau is a TV-video advertising advocacy group comprised of major TV broadcast and cable network companies, telecommunications, national cinema companies and other national video distributors.

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