Salsa Labs Offers New Nonprofit Email Tool

Software provider Salsa Labs is offering new marketing automation capabilities to nonprofit fund-raisers in a product called Salsa Engage.

The tool facilitates personalized messaging via email. Nonprofits and advocacy groups can use it to configure email messages and their timing, and the triggers prompt supporters to enroll in a marketing automation series. These triggers are based on activity and attributes, the firm claims.  

Salsa Engage is designed to replace “time-consuming, repetitive tasks by humans with personalized, relevant interactions,” states Donna Myers, COO, Salsa Labs.

For example, “an automated email series could be built with the goal of turning a one-time donor into a monthly recurring donor,” Myers adds. “Thirty days after an individual makes their first one-time contribution, that individual would be enrolled into the email series where they would be emailed once every ten days with more information about the organization they supported.”



She continues: “The series would automatically un-enroll that individual if they became a monthly recurring donor at any point during the series.”

Salsa helps nonprofit customers communicate and manage relationships through email, social, mobile, direct mail, face-to-face interaction and other means. 

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