MessageGears Upgrades Its Email Platform With Email User Interface

MessageGears has added a new user interface and content-building features to its email marketing platform. The objective is to help enterprise marketers build email campaigns with a user-friendly interface, states MessageGears CEO Roger Barnette.

Barnette adds: “This really is a significant step for us, but it was an important one to take.”

Based on client feedback, the changes will enable users to:

Build audiences from live internal data — marketers can segment without exposing that data outside of their corporate firewall, the firm says.

Create visually effective emails with a drag-and-drop content builder —This is done with content modules thatcan be personalized with customer data.

View reporting and take action on it — Marketers can make decisions as a send is going on, the firm claims.

Conduct exploratory testing — Test emails can be sent for each level of personalization, the company says.


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