Toyota Partners With 'Road and Track' For Supra Effort

Toyota is launching an augmented reality campaign for the 2020 GR Supra in collaboration with Road & Track.

The effort bridges print and digital to create the first markerless web AR advertising campaign (meaning the tech doesn't need prior knowledge of a user's location to work) activated by print media, according to Nancy Inouye, national media manager, Toyota Motor North America.

“We have been using AR technology to create a unique opportunity for our customers to explore various Toyota models in a new way, but this is the first time we have bridged a print and digital execution extending to an app-less mobile AR experience,” Inouye tells Marketing Daily.

The Web AR experience was developed by eXeX (eXpanded eXistence) using 8th Wall's Web AR technology. Saatchi & Saatchi handled the media buy. 



Tapping into the nostalgia for fold-out car posters, the national campaign features a custom 29.5 inch by 21.25 inch poster, which will be distributed to more than 500,000 subscribers in the Road & Track September issue.

It includes a QR code that, once scanned, launches an AR experience allowing users to place the Supra -- in the color of their choice -- in their driveway, garage or anywhere they want. Users can resize and turn the vehicle, and snap a photo to share on social media.

The app-free AR experience is for iPhone and most Android devices. The AR experience can also be activated by clicking on a digital banner ad that’s running on mobile.

“We felt Road & Track was the right partner for this execution in reaching automotive enthusiasts who have been anticipating the return of this iconic sports car,” Inouye says. “They were up to the challenge of working with us to bridge print and digital to create an experience that would introduce the all-new GR Supra in a big way after a 21-year hiatus.”

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