MoonPie Has Created A Virtual Roomate/Alexa Skill To Keep People Engaged

MoonPie, working with its agency Tombras has launched the “MoonPie MoonMate,” an Alexa skill designed to entertain people for long stretches at home amid the pandemic.  (To give it a try tell Alexa “launch MoonPie MoonMate”).

According to the agency the inspiration for the initiative came from a Mayo Clinic report on the body of research showing that laughter helps boost immunity as well as generally benefiting mental wellness.

“When everyone went into quarantine and started social distancing, we could immediately feel the loneliness and isolation,” said Jeff Benjamin, Chief Creative Officer at Tombras. “MoonPie has always been a bit of a jester and voice of levity, so the brand’s purpose was a natural starting point helping people through distancing, isolation and quarantine.”

More about the project can be viewed here.



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